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BLIGHT is a sci-fi short film that follows a grieving young black girl with supernatural abilities who seeks vengeance after the racially charged officer-involved shooting of her teenage brother.

At a time when viral videos of police brutality and accounts of environmental racism are inundating our social media feeds and making headlines across the country, BLIGHT explores modern-day superheroism in the age of Black Lives Matter. After her beloved, big brother Marques is killed in a police shooting, 16-year-old Charmaine contemplates taking justice into her own hands; hands that have inadvertently been given superpowers after exposure to her community’s contaminated water supply. Frustrated with being “powerless” as a black woman in America, Charmaine navigates the complex responsibility that comes with her newfound abilities when she tracks down the police officer who fatally shot her brother. Facing mounting pressure from her inconsolable mother, and passivity from her brother’s friends, Charmaine must decide whether to avenge her brother’s death or accept being powerless in an unjust America.

BLIGHT was conceived out of the frustration that writer/director Brittany Clemons experienced after working on a timely documentary about police violence and the difficult yet increasingly common conversation parents of color have with their children, known as “the talk”. As a comic book enthusiast and sci-fi nerd, she wondered what a young, black and “supernaturally gifted” teen would actually do with superpowers in this day and age, not in some parallel universe where they must protect the world from aliens, evil geniuses or a never-ending supply of burly henchmen, but in the systematically racist dystopia that we live in today. As a vehicle for social commentary with magical realism, BLIGHT will explore the aftermath of police brutality and environmental racism through a sci-fi lens. Moreover, the short film will expand the diversity of black womanhood in sci-fi on the silver screen.

BLIGHT will also champion diversity and representation in front of the camera as well as behind the camera since the film is led by a young black woman and the majority of the crew consists of women and is led by women of color.

The filmmakers behind BLIGHT are seeking $18,000 for production and post-production expenses, 80% of which has been raised already by very generous backers. Please consider donating to our campaign to help ensure BLIGHT enters production. The raised production funds will ensure that the filmmakers are able to obtain the equipment and crew necessary to properly bring this film to life.

Writer/Director Brittany Clemons

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