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We all have that one friend, right? That one person in our life that we don’t know what we’d do without. The one mom’s is always checking on and sees as another kid. The one who’s seen you ugly cry when rent and those two parking tickets are due and your latest direct deposit is half the amount. The one you don’t ever see leaving your life, but her significant others always feel some type of way about you. The one you want to see as a brother, but sometimes when he’s in the right light you always wonder… what if? Platonic is the story of two best friends who overlook their obvious chemistry for the sake of the friendship — no matter what their burning loins are telling them to do. Wood and Brea are 20-something homies trying to figure out life, their friendship and how to pop bottles on a layaway income. These seven episodes are a quick glimpse into their day to day lives. Sometimes friends don’t become Ross and Rachel. Sometimes friends don’t become Max and Kyle. Sometimes friends stay friends — even if they want to do some non-friendly things with each other from time to time. Sit back. Relax… And high key wish you had a Platonic friends like this you could kick it with too.
This series was written, created, directed and produced by black women. Creator, Moni Oyedepo, wanted to ensure that all types of black voices were elevated through this project, so she partnered with 20+ black businesses, entrepreneurs, creatives and artists to ensure that we all find a way of rising together. When Issa Rae said “I’m rooting for everyone black,” we wanted to make that simple phrase our mission.

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