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Written, Produced and Directed by Jennifer Sands, Gayborhood Dallas is a new age soap opera based on a love triangle in the workplace between a married woman and Lesbian. Kenya, who is new to Dallas, falls for her supervisor J.T., as J.T. tries to save her 8 year relationship with her fiancé Alice. Alice fights for her relationship while J.T. lies about the affair between her and Kenya. During the process, J.T. finds a new workout buddy Paul, Kenya’s husband, who has no idea that J.T. is having sex with his wife.  J.T. is also being haunted by  her past as Slim, her old best friend, attempts to make her life a living hell holding grudges from their college years. In addition to J.T’s chaos, Cher has been in a relationship with Jodie, a woman, for two years while being married to her husband Robert. Little does Cher know that Robert has a second life which involves her best friend Leslee and her business deals. Leslee is deceived into signing a sex contract for six weeks with one of her ex partners. Leslee struggles to get out of the contract while being abused by her new master. This dysfunctional story web exposes social issues in the LGBTQ community many can relate to and have experienced. However, as you can see , not everyone in this equation is gay which leads to our famous quote: Not Everything is Gay in Gayborhood.

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