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Early into 2017, Black Talent TV(BTTV) released a list of the 18 best web series during that year and it was a huge success in so many ways. Some of the web series were picked up by and even Cleo TV. The time has come again to showcase the best web series of 2018 and this year, BTTV’s goal to include more web series has been achieved. The 2018 list is all about DIVERSITY as the selected web series are both multicultural and global. Check out the 21 best web series of 2018 below, as well as some honorable mentions after.

21. Millennial in Debt(Season 2)

For those who have graduated from college and are still dealing with student debt, this web series is the one for you! Millennial in Debt follows the life and times of Jordan, the unapologetic millennial without a care or clue in the world. With the success of the first season, which premiered in December of 2017, Millennial in Debt returned for season two and tackles the difficulties of adulting with a sense of intelligent satirical humor. No topic is left unturned, from credit scores, financial investing, wage garnishments, to social media influencers and Soundcloud rappers. Check out Millennial in Debt by clicking HERE.

22. Dream Visions(Season 1)

Even though writer/director/editor Christian Smoothalready had a hit on his hands with two seasons of his hit web series The Student Body, he decided to keep things going with Dream Visions. A spin off of The Student Body, Dream Visions follows Xander Nicholas, a man whose life went from bad to worse real quick and the only remedy was the Dream Visions organization. After a few dead bodies and revelations as to who else is part of Dream Visions, it’s easy to assume that this decision was BAD for Xander. The spin off picks up two years later with Xander find out that people are still being snatched off the street in his hometown for their organs. If you’re in the mood for something thrilling, this web series is the one for you! Check out season one of Dream Visions by clicking HERE.

19. Peter!(Season 1)

Don’t let the name fool you—this web series is NOT about the highs and lows of a guy named Peter. Created by N’Zuri Za AustinPeter! is an interesting web series about best friends Kayla, De’Ana, Christa, and Teresa as they answer the question, “How much living can you afford?” Unfortunately, the only answer to that questions for the four girls was to rob a bank and while they might have profited a little, the consequences of their actions quickly catch up with them. After viewing the first episode, I couldn’t help but feel like I was watching an updated version of Set it Off! Check out season one of Peter! by clicking HERE.

18. Nate & Jamie(Season 2)

After a successful first season that spawned a spin off, Nate & Jamiereturned for a second season that proved to be just as good, if not better, than the first! Written & directed by Kashif Boothe, Nate & Jamie follows the antics of two mischievous young adults. Season one pretty much focused on Nate trying to woo over Sam while Jamie constantly dealt with the ups and downs of his relationship with Michelle. Season two followed the comedic duo living the SINGLE life…but not for too long. Jamie realizes he’s still in love with his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa, while Nate deals with dating two girls. This season features a lot of funny moments, such as the guys trying to stop a wedding from happening! If you’re looking for something funny, you won’t be disappointed with this web series. Check out Nate & Jamieby clicking HERE.

17. Platonic(Season 1)

Can a guy and girl really have a platonic relationship without any feelings involved whatsoever? Although many people have their own opinions on this subject, THIS web series pretty much answers the question. Created by Moni Oyedepo, Platonic is the story of two best friends who overlook their obvious chemistry for the sake of the friendship — no matter what their burning loins are telling them to do. Wood and Brea have an interesting friendship and while watching the first few episodes, I couldn’t help but feel like their friendship resembled the main characters in Brown Sugar. The acting from all of the cast members are SUPERB. The season finale definitely leaves you wondering what is going to happen next with Wood & Brea, especially after their kiss! Check out season one of Platonicby clicking HERE.

16. Jones(Season 1)

Geno Brooks, the mastermind behind the successful Black Boots web series, has struck gold once again with Jones! While this project is much different than Black Boots, the key elements that make Brooks’ projects wonderful are there—great acting, amazing storytelling, and interesting characters that quickly grab the audience’s attention. In an interview with Rolling Out, Brooks stated that Jones is an homage to one of his favorite films & filmmakers, Love Jones and Theodore Witcher. Jones follows Ali & Ryan as they deal with a break up and everything leading back to love, maybe, even each other. Check out season one of Jones by clicking HERE.

15. The Balcony(Season 2)

RepDatTV’s The Balcony came back for round two after a successful freshman season that even earned them a nomination for Best Online Reality Talk Show via the Screen Nation Awards among other accolades. The Balcony is a reality discussion web series that captures the “everyday” conversations of the residents of a vibrant block in south east London. The Balcony explores a wide range of taboo and controversial topics throughout the entire episode with no topic left off limit. For example, the first episode of season two solely focused on the N word and who can/cannot say it. The cast is VERY bold and each of them are not afraid to speak their truth, which is the way we LIKE it. Check out The Balcony by clicking HERE.

14. Unconditional Love(Season 3)

Love is a complicated thing to understand but according to Joseph Goncalves’ written & directed web series, it’s also unconditional. Produced by Goncalves & Thomas Mason Jr., Unconditional Love is a web series that explores the ups and downs modern day romance between a gay, black couple. As they each face their own challenges, their love and faith is tested against all odds. With two seasons in the can, Unconditional Love returned for a third & final season towards the end of 2018. Although a few season three episodes have been released, we truly believe this season is the BEST one. The main characters have progressed so much through the three seasons and we are just NOT ready for this web series to end. Check out Unconditional Love by clicking HERE.

13. Wade’s World(Season 2)

The first season of Teagen Rose’s Wade’s Worldwas good but season two is even BETTER! Wade’s World follows the professional and insane love life of fledging L.A. fitness trainer Wade Thompson. Season two picks up right where season one left off…with Wade kissing his “best friend” just as his business partner, who’s smitten with her, walks in. In season two of Wade’s World, friendships and relationships are put to the test. With just the right amount of comedy and drama, Wade’s World is a great web series to watch. Although there’s no word on whether or not season three will happen, we sure hope so! Check out Wade’s World by clicking HERE.

12. #WASHED(Season 1)

Turning 30 is a serious milestone because for some, it equivalates the end of youth. Due to this, some individuals go through a quarter life crisis. #WASHED follows Mark Fields who turns 30 and tries to chase his youth while his future slips away. Executive producer Corey Pratt & director Jerod Couch created an amazing web series that not only makes viewers laugh but also question whether or not they really lived out their twenties like they should’ve. The acting is superb and the other characters, besides Mark, are just as great. Season one is also available on Amazon and season two of #WASHED is on its way, which we cannot wait for! Check out season one of #WASHED by clicking HERE.

11. Build A Boo(Season 1)

With a great theme song(“I think it’s time to BUILD A BOO, BUILD A BOO!”) and even better acting & storytelling, Build A Boo is FANTASTIC! Premiering in January 2018 via Black & Sexy TV, Build A Boo instantly took viewers by storm. Executive produced and written by Michelle A. Daniel, Build A Boo follows two best friends, one straight and one lesbian, who desperately want to fix their love lives. To help, they decide to take turn their fantasies about what their perfect partners would be like and construct them…out of construction paper & faith. Laughter is a GIVEN minutes into the pilot episode of Build A Boo! Check out the first episode of Build A Boo by clicking HERE.

10. Skinny Girl in Transit(Season 5)

Losing weight is a journey in its self but THIS web series adds a little comedy to that! Created by Temilola Akinmuda, Skinny Girl in Transit follows a young Nigerian woman and her efforts to lose weight while also balancing life, love, and a career. The web series premiered in July of 2015 to critical acclaim and years later, the fifth season premiered in November of 2018. Skinny Girl in Transit is HILARIOUS and just a joy to watch. The cast is great and the content is even better with every new season. Check out Skinny Girl in Transit by clicking HERE.

9. Sweet Mahogany(Season 1/2)

Writer, director, producer, and actor Karlton T. Clay is the mastermind behind so many amazing web series and it’s hard to imagine that he even has time to add another one to the list. Thus, he created Sweet Mahogany and it is AMAZING. Sweet Mahoganyfollows Khalil & Cassie Pearson and Mahogany Andrews—a “trouple.” Yep, three people in a relationship! The three individuals must deal with questions from their children and the judgements from the outside forces which include family and friends while trying to maintain the family unity inside their own home. Like Clay’s other productions, the acting is fantastic and the story keeps getting more & more interesting with every episode. No word on whether there will be a third season but we would be disappointed if there wasn’t. Check out Sweet Mahogany by clicking HERE.

8. Growing Up Immigrant(Season 1)

Created by Nathaniel Kweku, Growing Up Immigrant is a web series that’s nothing short of amazing. Growing Up Immigrant revolves around first-generation millennial Nicholas Ajayi as he moves in with his more traditional Ghanaian aunty and brother. The project explores how identity affects family life, career choices, and romantic relationships. The cast is fantastic and the story is wonderful. This web series is so funny yet still focuses on family at the end of the day. We find this web series VERY interesting and hope it returns for a second season! Check out season one of Growing Up Immigrant by clicking HERE.

7. Starter Pack(Season 1)

AT&T Hello Lab Productions has come up with an amazing project that is a must see! Starter Pack follows 25 year old Ayana Martin who, 11 months ago, graduated with a Masters in Art History and has dreams of being a curator at a museum. However, reality hit and Ayana is starting to lose hope with every rejection. Thus, she finds her dream job but instead of curating beautiful paintings, she is curating for an exhibit of memes! Starter Pack speaks volumes due to the fact that finding work after college isn’t necessarily easy like most people think. Besides that, the web series is so funny and the actors are tremendous in their roles. The project is only available to view via Facebook. Check out season one of Starter Pack by clicking HERE.


6. The Guilty Party: History of Lying(Season 2)

Besides Stater Pack, AT&T Hello Lab Productions also created another project that reignite your love for mysteries. Season one of Guilty Party followed high school students who were being targeted by Emma Wilson because she believed one of them revealed her diary at the Homecoming dance the previous year. Season two, which premiered in October of 2018, follows Colvin College as they still reel from the fire that destroyed the admin building and put a student in a coma. A group of students who are part of a famous “History of Lying” seminar are in for a surprise from the professor who has his own agenda with certain members of the class. The acting, storyline, and overall cinematography in this web series is TOP NOTCH! Check out The Guilty Party: History of Lying by clicking HERE.

5. Single & Anxious(Season 2)

Created, directed, and produced by Christina Faith, Single & Anxious is a GREAT show with an even GREATER soundtrack attached to the second season. This Philadelphia set web series follows a group of friends who are caught in a triangle of love, lies, and crime. Season two of Single & Anxious brought twice the drama and romance that made season one so good. First on YouTube, the web series is now available on Amazon. Season three is on its way VERY soon and we cannot wait! Check out Single & Anxious by clicking HERE.

4. The Come Up: New York(Season 2)

With many shows under its belt, Gemini Filmz continued their rise to greatness with season two of The Come Up: New York. Directed & produced by Ka’ron Wilson, The Come Up: New York follows a group of individuals who showcase their lives in New York as they grind, shine, and even SHADE one another. With a good mix of new & returning cast members, season two is EVERYTHING we love in reality TV drama. The cast is pretty open with showcasing their personal lives, such as one of the cast members revealing he hadn’t even come out to his mother yet and eventually does so on the show. The Come Up: New York has everything from scandal to MAJOR drama between most of the cast members. If you’re a fan of reality shows like Love & Hip Hop, this is the show for you! Even though it started in 2018, there’s still a few more episodes to view now in 2019. Check out The Come Up: New York by clicking HERE.

3. Chasing Atlanta/Chasing Dallas(Season 2/Season 1)

The Chasing Reality network came out with two amazing projects this year—season two of Chasing: Atlanta, created by Andarrio Abrams & Kevon Burns, and season one of Chasing: Dallas. Chasing: Atlanta & Chasing: Dallas follow a selected group of LGBT men-of-color in the respective cities and showcases their highs & lows. Season two of Chasing: Atlanta brought way more drama and intensity that kept viewers interested. Season one of Chasing: Dallas, which is created by & executive produced by Ressie G., brought new personalities but the same intense drama that makes Chasing: Reality so good! Trust us, these two web series are so good! While we haven’t heard about a season two of Chasing: Dallas, we wouldn’t be surprised if it came back! Season three of Chasing: Atlanta is almost here and we can’t wait! Check out Chasing: Atlanta & Chasing: Dallas by clicking HERE.

2. The Men’s Club(Season 1)

Directed by Tola Odunsiand written by Damni Elebe, The Men’s Club is one show that instantly GRABS your attention from the getcko! Via RedTV, The Men’s Club follows the highs and lows of four friends who are surrounded by women, business, and the hassles of their city. RedTV is a fast paced lifestyle channel that puts Africa on the global stage. This web series is SO good with great storylines and even better characters. You’d be insane to not even take a chance and view this wonderful web series. Check out season one of The Men’s Club by clicking HERE.

 1. Situationships(Season 2)

After a great first season, it was pretty obvious that Situationshipswould be back for a new season. However, many fans wondered WHEN it would premiere—especially after, what seemed like, so long. Thus, creator & star Cylla Senii revealed that season two of Situationships will premiere on & its YouTube channel! For those who aren’t familiar, Situationships follows a group of young individuals in NYC who find themselves “talking” to people, dating people, having relations with people, but ultimately having NO title with their partners. In retrospect, they are in a “situationship.” The cast are all SUPER talented and the acting is perfect. The romance and drama between the characters are FIRE! We seriously hope a SEASON THREE will happen because this web series is EVERYTHING! Check out season two of Situationships by clicking HERE.


Curvy Girls Rock(Season 1)

Curvy Girls Rock was created with the intention of giving women authentic representations in television. In contrast to the common narrative of women in film/television, which paints them to be passive, weak, and lacking in agency, the female leads of CGR are strong, independent, funny and ambitious. The trail-blazing series is written, produced and directed by Shakesha Williams, who believes that the characters of CGR are true reflections of the majority of women around the world, in both body image and individuality. Check out Curvy Girls Rock by clicking HERE.

The Inner Circle: Dallas(Season 3)

After a two year hiatus, O’Neal has brought #InnerCircleDAL back for season three with new & returning cast members. Veterans Khristina & Darius are back but despite their shared title of being OG cast members, they still manage to butt heads even worse than they did in season one. Joining these two for season three are Amber, Ashley, and JoJo—all of whom manage to create rifts with the veterans and even amongst each other. Created by Zachariyah Bess, check out season three of #InnerCircleDAL by clicking HERE.

Waves(Season 1)

Directed by Shania BantonWaves the Series follows Niaand Jean, two sisters who have an estranged relationship after Jean becomes close with alcohol and partying, around the same time Nia was going through a breakup with her fiancé. A year later, Jean now returns to mend the relationship with her sister. However, she has a secret that will rip their relationship apart for good. Check out Waves by clicking HERE.

Twenty(Season 2)

Written & directed by Lily Richards, Twenty follows the story of Maya, a gay 21 year old musician, who struggles to break her patterns of whirlwind romances while serving as the shoulder to lean on for a group of eclectic friends, who offer little in return.  Check out Twenty by clicking HERE.









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