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As women of color we should have a conversation about Sisterhood Next Level and how this universal mastermind can help us achieve unlimited growth and success. When we strive for the happiness of others, we benefit in our own lives. This is sisterhood. As founders of Black Talent TV and DAP Media Group, LLC. Patricia and I started this conversation with 10 other amazing women who own businesses and consistently grow as leaders. Sharing the wisdom of these like minded successful women in Sisterhood Next Level feels powerful and synergistic. It’s important for us to continue this conversation and challenge each other to achieve different levels of greatness.  

-Diana McCray  


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Patricia Rivera is a founder of DAP Media Group, LLC. and BlackTalent TV. DAP Media Group, LLC. is a women owned digital media and production company focused on creating and sharing beautiful diverse brands that influence and inspire others to create change. Patricia has 30 years of business development experience,15 years of broadcasting experience with traditional and non-traditional media outlets. Patricia is a co-author, speaker and influencer. She loves networking and connecting people and spends a lot of her time educating millennial filmmakers and empowering other business owners to live purposeful lives. Living, loving and always dancing is how she chooses to live her life.


Power and powerful are the first words that come to my mind. Sisterhood is a powerful bond that no one can break. We have common goals, we respect each other, we collaborate, we don’t compete, we continue to uplift and inspire each other, there’s no jealousy, no envy, we laugh together, we cry together. We don’t have to be biological sisters to understand you are my sister and I love you. My business partner and I have that bond and I am very fortunate to be able to walk in my purpose side by side with her building our brand together, reaching our goals and growing our legacy for our families. Sometimes having that powerful connection (that sisterhood) doesn’t come without disagreements, but knowing that she’s there and that I can count on her is soothing to my soul because I know no matter what she always has my back and she knows I will always have hers and it’s ok if we sometimes agree to disagree. The connections I have with all my girlfriends are equally fulfilling and important to me and I don’t know what I would do without the power of my sisterhood. 



Diana McCray is a founder of DAP Media Group, LLC. and Black Talent TV. She brings to the platforms a marketing and communications background with many years managing PR and marketing departments for Fortune 500 companies. She previously owned a public relations and marketing company that focused on the entertainment industry in New York where she provided marketing, publicity and management for entertainers. 

Diana’s accomplishments include co-authoring 2 books, coaching and mentoring millennial fillmmakers and hosting a successful internet radio show with her business partner Patricia Rivera. Currently, Diana manages Black Talent TV, a subsidiary of Dap Media Group, LLC. with Patricia. She is executive producer on a few projects and will soon be hosting a new digital talk show. Diana advocates for diversity in film, media and entertainment. Diana is a volunteer for SGI USA, a world wide peace organization where she serves as a Vice Region Rep for Long Island. 


Women are poised to make this the century of women. The spirit of sisterhood is necessary for us to achieve this reality with grace, abundance and harmony. We need to see the greatness in ourselves as well as other women and build a network that serves us all. This harmonious network of sisters can accomplish anything. I’ve experienced this relationship with my business partner Patricia Rivera. We know that the synergy of our partnership is larger than us working individually. We have to think bigger and create bigger. I view this sisterhood as a necessary movement towards magnificent accomplishments.



Bronze Magazine™ is a stylish, online/digital destination that celebrates, empowers, and inspires women of color with positive, encouraging content. The magazine’s website content focuses on motivating and entertaining women with beauty, entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle topics, while its monthly digital editions feature a modern blend of lifestyle content and exclusive interviews with inspiring individuals across various industries.
With no outside funding and armed with only a strong desire to uplift and empower an important yet neglected niche – black women, Bronze Magazine’s founder, New York resident Shawn Stuldivant planted the seed for this amazingly positive platform in 2010. Since then, along with the support of trusted partners, valued contributors and countless interns, Bronze Magazine has emerged into a lifestyle brand which now includes a newly formed events division with a mission of producing inspiring and empowering lifestyle events for women of color.


As one who founded a magazine based on the empowerment and inspiration of women, sisterhood means the world to me. I have always believed that there is room for us all as women to collaborate, prosper and help one another advance, which is why I have generously extended myself over the years to other women, on both a personal and professional level. I also believe in the importance of reciprocity of sisterhood, which has been paramount to my growth and advancement as a CEO. Having an amazing tribe of women as part of my support network has greatly contributed to my ability to learn and grow as a person and as a business owner.


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Camille Friend is an Emmy-nominated Hollywood dynamo. She has created Hair Scholars, hands-on workshops and seminars that give a behind-the-scenes look at the role of hairstylist on a set and provide training in specialty skills for the film and TV business. In this era of celebrity hair stylists and makeup artists, Los Angeles based Camille Friend is one to watch. As long as she can remember, she has always wanted to be in the beauty business. By 26, she was on her way to becoming a forerunner in the Film and TV industry.

Camille’s current credits run the spectrum of film, television, print and music videos. Some of her film credits include: Marvel Studios’ Black Panther, Dreamgirls, The Help, Pursuit of Happyness, Rock of Ages, Django Unchained, Hunger Games–Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Miles Ahead, The Hateful Eight, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and most recently: Captain Marvel, The New Mutants, Us, and Charlie’s Angels. Her ingenious talents reflect her ability to design and groom period looks that require her expertise with lace front wigs. Camille has worked with such talent as: Elizabeth Banks, Samuel L. Jackson, Jude Law, Christophe Waltz, Jennifer Lawrence, Don Cheadle, Lupita Nyong’o, Octavia Spencer, Sarah Chalke and Julianne Hough, to name a few. 

What’s next for this star on the rise? Teaching masterclasses through her company Hair Scholars, wig/product development and speaking engagements worldwide. 


I have girlfriends, aka sisters, of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities and ages. I love my sisters. My sisters are friends, confidants, advisors, strategists, counselors, dreamers and supporters of my life. My connection to each of these women shape and grow my female self. I don’t know what I would do without my “sisters”.



Donna Walker-Kuhne is President of Walker International Communications Group, a 30 year old boutique marketing and audience development consulting agency. She provides consulting services to numerous arts organizations throughout the world and has generated over $23m in earned income. She is also the Senior Advisor of Community Engagement for the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. She is a veteran of over 25 Broadway productions which currently includes Disney on Broadway and Once on this Island. Her nonprofit clients include Restoration Art, 2econd Stage Theater, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, Dance USA and The Apollo Theater. She is co-founder of Impact Broadway a multicultural project that engages over 300 students as audience members for Broadway with the goal to empower this community to be economic drivers of new audiences for the Broadway Theater district. She is a lecturer and key note presenter for arts conferences in Moscow, Russia, Blomfontein, South Africa, University of Berlin, AMA Conference in Edinburgh and Australian Arts Conferences. 

Ms. Walker-Kuhne is the recipient of over 50 numerous awards, proclamations and citations. She is an adjunct professor at New York University and Bank Street College. She is a facilitator for the National Youth Arts and Humanities Program. She serves on several boards including The National Theater Conference, Newark Arts Council, HARLEM WEEK and The Harlem Arts Alliance. She is vice-chair of The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce, Arts, Culture and Entertainment Committee.

Her first book, Invitation to the Party: Building Bridges to Arts, Culture and Community, was published in 2005. She has a weekly blog, Arts and Culture Connections that explores cultural efforts to expand diverse audiences. Ms. Walker-Kuhne is a volunteer with the SGI-USA, a world wide peace organization serving as Vice Director for New York. 


Sisterhood is the strength of women supporting each other without judgement, jealousy or envy. It is about celebrating our beauty inside and out and being present for each other with honesty and integrity.  It is reliability and a sustained relationship that transcends all other issues. Ultimately sisterhood is someone you can count on no matter what who will be forthright with love and compassion.



Lecia Bianca Clay was born and raised in Essex County. She always had a passion for fashion and extraordinary style. She decided to take on the Big Apple, and study at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology. While studying at Fashion Institute of Technology, she was awarded the opportunity to travel to Europe learning the import, and export business in London, Florence, Paris, and Rome. After graduating with an applied science, and bachelor degree she then began working as a buyer for Bonwit Tellers, in New York City. Traveling the world buying not only jewelry, but other luxury items, Lecia soon became top buyer, and began winning awards year after year, and was one of the most sought after international buyers of all times. Because of that passion, she decided to build a career as an entrepreneur. 

Now as a certified, and expert jeweler, she opened a jewelry galleria full of jewels and accessories by Lecia Bianca. She now has a newly designed showroom called Lecia Bianca Jewels which has won the award for Business Development & Design, in the cities of Bloomfield, Glenridge, and Belleville, New Jersey. 

As the founder of Women That Win Foundation, Lecia realized after experiencing a major break up of 17 years that she had nowhere to go for help. She quickly found out that working, successful women are looked down upon when in need of free assistance. Women That Win Foundation will be the force behind professional, and successful women in the struggles of life. Together we will stand strong, and come out Winners!


Support- Lift each other up, share and speak positivity…
Build-Together create goals and go after them…
Unity- A nation of women coming together…
Help- Always help in any way that you can…
Grow- Keep your mind open move forward…
Responsibility- Give back bring the next one up…
Future- Legacy for other young sisters…
Create- Something that’s never been done before…



Asha Tarry is a certified life coach and licensed psychotherapist. As a treating provider, Asha has the expertise and skill to transform lives. The work she provides as a life coach to individuals, couples, groups and small business entrepreneurs is based in the philosophy that we all need each other to grow and develop as human beings. Asha’s unique approach to life coaching is based on an innate desire to see people succeed and live a life by design, with love and purpose! She is curious, transparent, and supportive of her clients in fulfilling their goals. And with almost 18 years of experience in the industry of social services, who would expect anything less?

As a psychotherapist, Asha has provided counseling to hundreds of clients with challenges in several areas of their lives, including intergenerational trauma, immigrant assimilation and acculturation, sexual, psychological and physical abuse, severe mental illness, and workplace aggression, just to list a few. She has been called upon to discuss mental health issues to both small and large audiences as an expert on health panels, a guest on national radio broadcasts and as a writer & consultant for publications and special projects, including films.

In her spare time, Asha devotes her time to independent learning, self development, social justice and mental health awareness, caring for aging relatives, and traveling. As someone who loves to learn and advance the well-being of others, particularly people of the African diaspora, Asha doesn’t slow down to the stressors of the world. Always looking to develop her identity as a change agent and community leader, she hopes to one day travel the globe doing philanthropic work for women and children, aiding in the healing of the traumatic experience of being black in America and the world.


For me, sisterhood has been an interesting journey, starting as early in my career as college, having had great sister-friends who’ve helped me become a better me. And professionally too, I know that much of the success I’ve had in my career has been a result of the sister-friends, women mentors and colleagues in my life. Women who want to see me rise want to see us all rise. Being a psychotherapist and life coach can be rewarding and at times, challenging. It’s good to have women in my life, both in and outside of my industry with whom I can talk and share parts of my life, my work, my journey and my joys. And with their pure heart, they have been there to cheer me on, remember me and help memorialize my work so that we all can be better at living together as a community! For that, I am truly grateful. My sister is my keeper. As I am hers!



Tachelle Wilkes is a writing enthusiast; she is an award winning writer who holds an MA in American Literature. Tachelle has over 15 years of experience as a writer and teacher. She has written for various publications such as Vibe, Yahoo, One World and garnered the attention of O Magazine. She is the author of Amanda’s Ray, an inspirational novel for teens and has been in the entertainment industry for over ten years. She later became founder of Femmixx  a movement & online magazine dedicated to uplifting women. Amiably called the Home of Female Music Producers, DJs & Emcees. Wilkes directed and executive produced “Lady Beat Makers Vol. 1,” a documentary on female urban music producers where she received an Impact of Women in Hip Hop Award for the groundbreaking documentary at the Hip Hop Culture Center located in Harlem. She has opened for KRS-One and Doug E. Fresh and has been featured in media such as Scratch Magazine, Amsterdam Newspaper, BBC Radio, WWRL Radio, ABC News, and NBC.  Presently, Tachelle runs The Chantilly Writing Boutique Agency and a multi-culti lifetsyle online magazine for women. Tachelle continues to create inspiring projects for women and is working diligently on a TV pilot.


Sisterhood to me symbolizes beauty, creation and strength. Our energy helps to make the world go round. If it weren’t for women where would the world be? We ultimately help to create balance and must continuously strive to understand our power as women. Through our collective energy we can move the biggest barriers in society. With our collective strength we can bring transformation to the darkest places. This is what my upcoming project, Shoulders of My Sisters focuses on. As women we must continue to shine our light and be our authentic selves. Sisterhood has definitely enabled me to grow as not only a business owner, but a woman. I am thankful to my loving mother for her tender guidance and so honored to have come across so many kindred spirits on my path such as Dannielle Cumberbatch, Aisha Johnson, Feona Huff, Dr. Keitha Burnett, Diana McCray, Patricia Rivera and look forward to working with many more along the way. Let us bask in the beauty of being women and the sacredness that lies within us.



CR Capers is the CEO of Harlem Film House, a 501(c)(3) organization that operates year round with film festivals, workshops, theatre productions, live events and business consulting to filmmakers and content creators in underserved communities around the world. The Harlem Film House creates an economic ecosystem by providing filmmakers with funding for film projects while also offering educational services to ensure longevity in their careers in film, theater and their entrepreneurial pursuits within the industry. CR is also the founder of the Hip Hop Film Festival.


The concept of the healing power of sisterhood came to me at a very young age. As a latch-key kid, movies were my life and one day my mom took me to see “The Color Purple”. At first I complained because it seemed like some boring grown folk stuff, but as the story unfolded I began to understand the power of being a woman. I remember how my eyes were as big as saucers trying to understand the concept of being destroyed by the loss of a sister and being healed through the support of women…and how mental, physical and financial strength is tied to our community of women supporting each other. Two things I knew from that moment. I would work in media/film and I would have to gather a tribe of women that I could be in service to AND learn from simultaneously to be successful. To me, being a Boss (leader/CEO) means being in service to others, to nurture and support…this is the very essence of a woman.



Sylvia Lambe is the founder and CEO of Lambe PR and has more than 20 years of experience in both journalism and public relations. As a BBC award winning producer and a London non profit public relations executive, she has a proven track record of raising awareness for a wide variety of topics ranging from health issues to arts and entertainment events. She is extremely driven after relocating from the UK in 2017. In less than a year, she has worked with a number of clients most notably, the Smithsonian on promoting their nationwide curation project.
Since living in Denver, she has landed coverage in print and broadcast outlets, including CBS, Colorado Public Radio, Denver Post, Urban Spectrum and Denver Weekly News. Exemplary at creating publicity opportunities, she applies her tenacious communication skills to deliver excellent results in the media. Sylvia believes successful PR is about how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to inform and communicate your understanding back to them.


The Oxford English Dictionary says sisterhood is an association, society, or community of women linked by a common interest, in this case, CEOs. I believe sisterhood is an extremely laudable concept as my own practical definition suggests that we selflessly help and pull together to achieve the personal success of others which leads to uplifting everyone, the ultimate goal, in my opinion. However, we must feel confident and secure in our own selves to assist and watch others rise in the true and honest belief that the success of others benefits us all, be it a woman or a man. I think that is the first task at hand, to understand and embrace ‘humanhood’.



Adria Robinson is the CEO of Denver law firm Adria Robinson Esq. LLC. She was born and raised here in Denver, Colorado and fell in love with the city’s diversity, outdoor beauty, and the recent incredible growth. Adria opened her law firm which focuses on entertainment law, trademark and copyright law, and corporate law. She uses her litigation background to influence her deal-making and advise her clients how to avoid lawsuits and expensive mistakes. Whether they are filmmakers, actors, media companies, musicians, models, or other creatives, Adria recommends that her clients put their agreements in writing before starting work. Her clients often express how they are much more at ease working with signed contracts. Because she is a solo practitioner, she has more flexibility to structure her legal representation to her clients’ specific needs. With the recent boom in Colorado, Adria is excited to see the entertainment industry flourish here and she is helping her clients to be at the forefront of the expansion.


Technically a sister is one with whom another shares blood, a woman or girl who is related to others by her parents. A “sisterhood” is so much more special and heartfelt because there usually is not a blood relation but remains an unspoken bond between women that fosters love, support, and positivity. Women’s remarkable aptitude for business is often overlooked and deemphasized in America which is such a big proponent of sisterhood. Too often I have sat in a courtroom or conference room being the only woman or only woman of color and my sisters remind me how powerful that situation is. Innovation is key to success in business and my sisters help me to cultivate and refine my business ideas without appropriating them or expecting something in return. I cherish my network of sisters as a driving force in my growing practice and a counter to the common-held belief that women cannot do business.



Dr. Nathalie Guillaume is an alumni of the University of Miami where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry and Foreign Languages. She holds a Master of Science in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine, and a Clinical Doctorate in Pain Management & Oncology from Bastyr University. She specializes in lifestyle medicine with an emphasis on nutrition, meditation and Qi Gong, and is dedicated to promoting the benefits of holistic health to the community. She is currently adjunct faculty for the Graduate School of Oriental Medicine at the New York College of Health Professions and practices in New York City where she is the CEO and Medical Director of Healing Happy Hour.


When I was a college student, the environment I found myself in was completely different from my background as a young Haitian teenager who went to an all-girl catholic school. The University of Miami was 85% white/jewish and to find a black girl to relate to was very hard. Thanks to the leadership of other positive sisters, the Yellow Rose Society was founded as a safe space for colored girls of diverse backgrounds such as myself to feel comfortable to share our struggles. As we grew older, we still kept our bond strong and evolved into a group of high achieving professional women who gather in multiple cities to encourage one another to still be brave enough to keep pursuing success. This bond has literally saved my life multiple times when I felt the load of my career so heavy on my shoulders that I had almost lost hope, until a sister would hand me a book, a CD or a DVD with the exact information I needed to overcome! Nothing can replace the support of a girlfriend of your same age range and background, who is going through similar professional challenges and is armed with the right tools to help. 
To advance and grow as a CEO, you have to take so many risks and face so many obstacles that having a strong foundation to lean back on is the unconditional support you need to keep your sanity. As a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, my full time job is to be there for my patients and care for their health by preventing disease or treating it naturally. At Healing Happy Hour, what makes my work stand out is the passion I have for serving individuals from all walks of life with the luxury of helping them take time for themselves by reconnecting with their true identity. My company is a direct reflection of my approach to life and has naturally attracted a very big women’s health clientele who is working through the diverse stages of their femininity.
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