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Per, texting and driving is one of the most dangerous forms of distracted driving, with at least 9 people, in the United States, killed every day because of a distracted driver. Recently, a talented filmmaker decided to spotlight this matter in an interesting way with his short film Collision. Written & directed by Jonell Rowe, Collision focuses on Malcolm who, during his practical driver’s test, the SAT-NAV suddenly takes over and leads him and his driving instructor, to a place he has tried to forget. This short film is actually a tribute to Rowe’s cousin, Chanel Hall, who was killed in a hit and run incident in 1988. Produced by Lions Tooth Films, Collision stars Leon Dean, Marion Barron, Christian Davidson, Sam Mina, Common Wisdom, Natalie Harper, and Rochelle De-Terville.

After receiving the privilege to watch Collision in full, I truly believe that Chanel, Rowe’s cousin, would be so proud. Rowe manages to simultaneously convey an important message and still entertain the audience. While I could quickly sense that Malcolm was a bit tense and nervous at the beginning of the driving test, I would have never expected the true reason behind that. There have been countless conspiracy theories that in the future, vehicles & GPS systems will eventually have a mind of their own and Rowe’s Collision definitely explores what that could be like. Last but not least, the acting was fantastic. Specifically, Malcolm and the driving instructor were marvelous. 

Check out the trailer for Collision below.

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