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Mcgregory Frederique, a 32 year old actor, has appeared in over 100 productions in this past year. His passion landed him opportunities to do projects with Chris Rock, Emilia Clarke and many more. His first shot acting was as an extra in the Adam Sandler/Chris Rock movie “The Week Of”. After this mind blowing experience, Mcgregory started seeking other acting options to feed his fiery enthusiasm. Since then, you may have seen Mcgregory in HBO Succession, Next Stop Hip Hop, VH1 Love and Hip Hop, Michael and Anwar Engagement, Fox Sports World Poker Tour: Legends of Poker and many others. Mcgregory’s ability to perform any type of role with passion has landed him lead parts in two upcoming movies. Catching the attention of the director, he will be showcasing his talents as a lead in the upcoming production of “The Moth”. “The Moth” is short drama/thriller that will keep everyone on the edge of their seats with Mcgregory’s intense role. Mcgregory is also shooting a project called “Brothers”. Mcgregory recently discovered his passion for acting and is already taking it to the next level. With these lead roles he has secured, he hopes to be nominated for awards and believes he could take this passion even further.



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