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EXCLUSIVE: Actress and Writer, Krystal M. Harris (The New Edition Story, The Joneses Unplugged) has been named as the new VP of RefuCare, a Non-Profit organization founded by Sabrina Jamil Aman. The Organization aims to aid Eritrean refugees placed in camps located in Ethiopia and Sudan on their path to self-reliance. The move comes in the wake of an overhaul of the organization’s mission and message. “I am so grateful to have this super smart and ambitious woman on the RefuCare team as our Vice President,” Aman stated in a response to the announcement. “We are working on so many amazing projects for the refugee camps and we can’twait to share it with you all.”

RefuCare made major strides last year when it premiered the documentary, The Forgotten, which followed Aman on her dangerous journey inside the camps and uncovered the unfathomable living conditions Eritrean refugees were subjected to.

“This is what I want to change,” Harris stated. “Many organizations are aimed at helping those in need with supplies and products and medical assistance. We will help here as well, but coming on board with this fledgling non-profit, my goal is to have RefuCare become a leader in creating true infrastructure within the camps. We must look at the whole person and not just the physical body when it comes to truly helping these amazing people find self-reliance.”

Harris previously served as Secretary on the Board of Directors for the non-profit, however the promotion will see her taking on a more active role in the day to day operations.

Harris also serves as a board member on another non-profit, HippoLife, headed by Anthony Gilardi, whose goal is to Rehabilitate through the Arts. She co-wrote a short film that served as the culmination of a successful inaugural Veteran’s program with the non-profit this year entitled,

“UnVisible,” in addition to participating as the Script Lab instructor during the program.

“Purpose is important,” Harris stated, “Helping people find their purpose is my goal and if I may be so blunt… my super power.”

RefuCare is a 501 (3)(c) Non-Profit based in Los Angeles. For more information and to donate volunteer please visit

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