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According to 18th/19th-century German writer, artist, and politician Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “The person born with a talent that they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it” and this quote applies to the talented Kar Logan. Originally from Maryland, Kar migrated to the Big Apple to pursue his career and has never looked back since. His resume includes 5Knives, BET’s Situationships, The Circle, and Wingmen, the latter of which he wrote, produced, directed, and even stars in. Kar also wrote, produced, and was featured in Situationships.

For those who haven’t watched the show yet, Wingmen is a new comedy drama about friends who come together at a local bar to talk about sex, women, and life. Check out the first episode of Wingmen by clicking HERE. For now, check out my interview with Kar where he teases what fans can expect from Wingmen, The Circle, what his dream role is, and more below.


1-When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment field?

I first realized I wanted to be in entertainment when I was a kid. All I would do is write stories, draw cartoons and do make believe as if I was an actor. It was around high school that I REALLY knew this is what I wanted to do in life. 


2-Who is your favorite actor/actress?

Edward Norton was one of my favorite actors at one point. It was American History X and The Italian Job where I saw him and went “I like this guy.” Notable mention is Will Smith.


3-Being an actor, filmmaker, creator, and writer–which of these many “hats” is your favorite?

Acting has to be my favorite. I love creating and writing but I do that so much and put all my energy into that where I get exhausted sometimes. It really is a lot to pump out new material over and over in order to stay relevant or put yourself out there but at times I would really like to just sit back and take someone else’s direction for a change. 

4-How did you come up with Wingmen?

I always wanted to create a series about a group of friends just having fun raunchy talk at the bar. It was originally going to be a completely different show but once we were creating my character for season 2 of Situationships I realized how much Theo sounded like what the lead in Wingmen would have been so we just decided to connect the two shows and make this the spin-off. 


5-Are there any similarities between you and your character, Theo?

At one point in time, the drinking haha. But yeah I can’t ignore the similarities. Theo is constantly putting his friends before him and always trying to solve their issues all while he’s running away form his own. That might have been me in my younger years. 


6-What can fans expect from the rest of season one of Wingmen?

Oh boy, what to expect….well, episode 4 picks right back up where episode 3 leaves off. The first few episodes were “cute” but the remaining half is going to get crazy. Theo has to deal with Ciara’s cocaine addiction and our married couple needs to decide on what to do with the ramifications of their threesome. I have this one episode that I’m excited (and nervous) about which features a vulnerable moment for the men on the show. In episode 5, we have all the guys drinking and pouring out their feelings. It’s a pretty deep one. 


7-You’re also part of the new web series, The Circle. What can potential viewers expect from this project?

Viewers won’t know what to expect. You can’t call anything that is coming in The Circle. I play a hacker named Max and there is a lot of mystery to me as well as the girls.

8-What is your dream role/project?

My dream role is whatever will put me on TV or in films haha. I’d love to play a superhero, of course. Static is my dream one for sure.


9-What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue an acting career?

Be open to critiques. Try not to think something is wrong with you because you didn’t get the part, but also be open to changing what may work to help you get to where you want.


10-What is NEXT for Kar Logan?

Who knows? Besides writing the second season of Wingmen and potentially shooting a new horror short, I don’t really have much on my plate. So I’m available if anyone is casting!


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