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Black Talent TV recently had the pleasure of interviewing a rising star who has a true passion for storytelling and this talented man is David A. Madrick. Born in Manhattan and raised in Queens, New York, David is a triple threat—actor, writer, and producer. Some of his projects include Lifetime’s High School Lover, Tough Love, and Mistake, a critically acclaimed web series that he produces and acts in. 

Check out our interview with David A. Madrick where he discusses his upcoming role on Black-ish, what fans can expect from season two of Mistake, who is favorite actor/actress is, and more below. Also, be sure to catch David as Dr. Collins on this season of Black-ish on April 23rd at 9pm ET, only on ABC.


1-When did you first realize that you wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment field?

I believe I first realized I wanted to be in the entertainment field at the age of 5 or 6; I was set on being a vocalist because music ran heavily through my family. My grandmother was a semi-classically trained vocalist whose roots were deep in Gospel and my father is self-taught 7 instrumentalist musician. I carried that dream of music into high school where I became the lead singer in the chorus for all four years. In college, I became president of the campus Gospel choir while also balancing a professional modeling career. Once graduating, I just randomly threw myself in acting and I fell in love.


2-Who is your favorite actor/actress?

I love the authenticity and vulnerability of Timothee Chalamet, and I think the versatility of Birgundi Baker is an absolute master class of acting. I also really love Denzel Washington and Viola Davis!


3-You’ve been in many different projects, such as Tough Love and Lifetime’s High School Lover. Out of all your projects, which is your favorite?

My favorite project had to be The Godfather of Harlem because I got to experience watching Forest Whitaker in his elements in person. Just the fact I was able to play opposite of him and watch him work seamlessly through acting beats was a life changing moment.


4-In Mistake, you play Michael. Are there any similarities between you and Michael?

I was honestly shocked (still shocked) that I got cast at Michael. He is completely different from any character I have ever played. He’s manipulative, conniving—honestly, Michael is a very vicious individual. Yet, I feel him and I are similar with wearing our hearts on our sleeve and being complete Mama boys. 


5-Mistake is coming back for season 2. What can fans expect? 

I am so excited for everyone to experience season two of Mistake. We are digging deeper into both families, there are new characters and, of course, more drama. I am really excited for everyone to see the evolution of Michael because he is way more malicious and extremely smart which gets slightly overlooked in season one but you all have so much in store for season two with all of the character development. 

6-You’re going to be guest starring on an upcoming episode of Black-ish. What was it like being on this hit show with actors like Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis-Ross?

The entire set, crew, and cast felt like a family. I worked mainly with Tracee Ellis Ross and Andy Daily; both whom are masters at their craft. Tracee, Director Rob Sweeney and Writer/Executive Producer Courtney Lily kept the atmosphere very light and improvisational. Andy Daly had me laughing the entire time between takes, actually a lot of the crew are jokesters and continue to keep my laughing in between shots.


7-What can fans expect from your character, Dr. Collins?

Dr. Collins is a book smart, sensitive but extremely unaware of his neediness. I think fans can expect him to be the annoying and endearing little brother they may have never wanted, but can’t live without. 


8-What is your dream role?

My dream role is to be some type of supernatural character in an X-Men movie, but since those are done, a Marvel film will be great. I just have not had a chance to be in an action film, but that is a goal of mine. I would also like to play opposite of Viola Davis in absolutely anything, mainly How to Get Away With Murder.  


9-What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a career as an actor and/or producer?

I would say to always be willing to grow, take chances, and ask questions. Be fearless and find comfort in knowing that your journey to “success” will be different from everyone else’s. Always remember “if it was easy, everyone would be doing it”, and this career isn’t for the faint hearted- you are in this for the long haul so make sure you love what you do, even on the days you are tired. 


10-What is NEXT for David Madrick?

I make plans and God laughs, but at this current moment I am working on my one-man play that is based on me and my relationship with God over these past five years and questioning certain things in my past. I will be making a directorial debut with my film Malachi that goes into production in 2020. I just want to create more and build my name in all avenues of this industry I love so much.

VISIT David A. Madrick’s official website, FOLLOW him on Instagram, and FOLLOW him on Twitter.

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