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Based on Sikivu Hutchinson’s 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival Play, NARCOLEPSY, INC. is a sci fi/speculative fiction web-series set in a theocratic Reagan-era state where sleep and dreams are policed and manufactured by the multinational, NARCOLEPSY, INC. The company’s chief scientist and engineer, Yuri, a queer, skeptic Black woman, works on an antidote to sleeplessness to correct a racialized caste system of sleepers comprised of white insomniacs and people of color teeth grinders. The dreams of teeth grinders are commodified and all sleep is induced.  NARCOLEPSY, INC. takes place in a parallel universe in which a nuclear disaster (dubbed the “wipeout”) has destroyed the human central nervous system’s capacity to regulate sleep. The newly minted CEO of The Company (Friar Perry) is a Black religious demagogue who has taken over its dream archives and needs Yuri to provide the scientific and technological expertise to develop new “sleep experiences” for white insomniac consumers. The Company is effectively run by the hyper-efficient company COO and PharmD Dr. M.o.M. (“Milk of Magnesia”), who secretly chafes at the Friar’s authority and has a rivalry with Yuri. At the heart of the story is a struggle for female power and control in a corporate regime that hums on the manufacture of racial voyeurs. Yuri has to hide her sexuality under the regime of heteronormative identity within the Company. NARCOLEPSY, INC is a dark parody and satire of corporate bureaucratese/fascism in a system of predatory capitalism driven by black ingenuity.  Featuring Elvinet Piard (Yuri), J.C. Cadena (Dr. M.), Garcon (Cydney Wayne Davis) and Scott St. Patrick (Friar Perry). Written, directed and produced by Sikivu Hutchinson.

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