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Recently, Black Talent TV had the pleasure of interviewing a talented woman who is making waves in the gospel music world and this singer is known as Christina Bell. Originally from Shreveport, LA, Bell is a gospel singer, actress, and entrepreneur who “aspires to create music that makes listeners feel good.” She is also the founder/CEO of VocalBells, a company that focuses on vocal performance, care, and artistry. Once part of the 2x Stellar-nominated Gospel group Zie’l, Bell recently signed with the legendary Malaco Records and her newest single, “Going”, is quickly climbing the charts. She is also playing Twinkie Clark in The Clark Sisters: The First Ladies of Gospel, the upcoming biopic via Lifetime that will premiere next year. Executive produced by Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige, and Missy Elliott, Bell stars alongside Aunjanue Ellis, Kierra Sheard, Raven Goodwin, Sheléa Frazier, and Angela Birchett.

Check out our interview with Christina Bell where she talks music, The Clark Sisters biopic, what’s next for her, and more below. After, take a listen to Bell’s hit song “Going.” 


1-When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a singing career?

I first realized I wanted to sing in the 6th grade. Singing in the choral ensemble in middle school under the direction of Mr. Charles Washington really sparked my interest. We would travel all over Louisiana, singing at different events. Also, I was surrounded by singers—my entire immediate family are singers as well. 


2-Who are some of your musical inspirations?

Kim McFarland, Tonex, and my uncle Cornell. My uncle is the one who actually taught me “how” to sing. Kim McFarland and Tonex have very unique voices. All 3 of them inspired me to have my own sound and not to try to sound like someone else.


3-Which of your songs is your favorite to perform?

My favorite song to perform right now is my new single “Going”. It’s an inspirational song that reminds us of God’s mercy. No matter how far we stray/run we cannot outrun his mercy—the song says it keeps going and going and going. 


4-How did you become part of The Clark Sisters biopic?

My management team encouraged me to audition for the movie. My team worked really hard for me to land this role, they kept saying “you’re Twinkie”. I actually auditioned for three roles—Jacky, Denise, and Twinkie. When I met with Mrs. Christine Swanson (movie director), she told us that as soon as she saw my tape, she immediately knew she found Twinkie. 


5-What can fans expect from The Clark Sisters biopic?

It’s the story of their real lives. I personally think that most people would’ve only shown their triumphs and wins but the Sister’s will allow fans to see all of their tragedies, abuse, loss, rejection, betrayal, and sibling rivalries. It’s really a great and inspiring story.

6-What is your favorite moment from the film set?

One of my favorites moments was singing with my sisters Kierra, Shelea, and Angela. It brought back so many memories of me singing with Zie’l. 


7-After playing Twinkie Clark in the biopic, what’s one thing you realized about her that you didn’t know before? 

Her dedication to God and music is absolutely unmatched. I gained so much more love and respect for her once I learned how she sacrificed so much of her life for the successes of The Clark Sisters. I didn’t know that she actually went to college to study music and the way she’s persevered through those hardships truly inspired me.


8-Are there any more acting roles in the future and if so, what is your dream role?

I certainly want to pursue more acting roles. My dream role would be a karate movie with Jackie Chan (lol kidding). I really would like to do an action film, that would be really cool.


9-What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a singing career?

Make sure that they have the proper team and mindset to be their best. Always pursue the genre of music that they are most passionate about, stay true to who you are.


10-What is NEXT for Christina Bell?

I will be releasing my first live album later this year. I’m looking forward to touring and continuing to share in song all over the world. 

VISIT Christina Bell’s official website.

Photo Credit: Naff Harlow Entertainment

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