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According to author Kim Harrison, “Growing up is hard, love. Otherwise everyone would do it” and this quote applies to the main characters in the web series Grown. Directed & produced by Janea West& Charlotte Lan SteinerGrown the web series is a drama-comedy starring four 20-something year old black women trying to navigate through life despite their bills, passions, and love life. Through the lens of Grown, audiences will see a side of DC not yet pictured on TV. Grown weaves in DC local artists of all genres and industries, using black owned DC businesses, comedians, musical artists, painters, and clothing designers. Created by West, the web series spans across Anacostia to Georgetown, showing that DC isn’t all about politics and suits. Grown stars Skye Ellis, Cecile Diomi, Tattiana Aqeel, and Jeronique Bartley.

Season one of Grown premiered this past March and after viewing four episodes, I believe this web series is phenomenal. I laughed just as much as I kept nodding my head in agreeance with the struggle the four leading ladies go through. While graduating college is an amazing accomplishment, some(or most) graduates truly struggle in finding their dream job that will pay them a suitable salary that they can physically live on. One of the main characters, Genevieve, struggles in selling her heart while another character, Simone, is not happy with the lack of benefits that comes with her position at work. Sashamight seem like the lucky one due to her generous “friend” Ron but something tells me she might have to adjust her rule of not giving him any “sugar” very soon.

Although I enjoy each of the four main characters in their own right, I couldn’t help but quickly connect to Najae. Similar to her, I found myself head over heels for someone who was completely out of my reach and was just not right for me. Despite this, I still kept myself available for this person and whenever they contacted me, I made myself attentive to them without hesitation. Also, there was a small time period where I was struggling to find work while my friends at least had a steady job. Grown really proves that living the adult life means you really have to be an adult, not a kid.

Check out the season one trailer for Grown the web series below and be sure to view all of the episodes by clicking HERE.

VISIT the official website for Grown the web series.


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