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This summer, Dallas is in store for a heatwave when The Inner Circle: Dallas returns for a sizzling new season! Premiering June 21st at 6:00PM, season four of The Inner Circle: Dallas continues to follow a group of individuals as they navigate love, life, and drama in Dallas. Created by Zachariyah O’Neal, veterans Khristina Calloway and Darius Hunter return with three new and exciting cast members—Chelsea Nared, Knyoka Dennis, and Devin Harden.

Season three of The Inner Circle: Dallas began with Khristina & Darius on good terms and even interacting with newbies Ashley, JoJo, and Amber. However, things quickly changed between the two OG cast members. As soon as Khristina felt her trust in Darius had been tainted, she quickly let him know why. Throughout the season, the two quarreled at almost every chance encounter. At the reunion, both parties declared their friendship to be over and it was unsure if there was any chance for it to be repaired.

This season, Darius & Khristina are STILL at odds and the new cast members are quickly thrown into the war zone. While Knyoka struggles in maintaining her friendships with both individuals, Chelsea finds herself sparring with Khristina. Devin, on the other hand, ends up in a scuffle with Darius. Also, in store for season four of The Inner Circle: Dallas is a dinner party from hell and, from what I heard, things went all the way LEFT!

Check out the official trailer for season four of The Inner Circle: Dallas below and be sure to view the season premiere on June 21st at 6:00pm via Zachariyah Productions.

Photo Credit: Jameel Bagby

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