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As writer and director James M. Perry continues to make strides in the filmmaking field with short films like The Hour Glass and Feels Like Euphoria, he adds another one to the list with Indemnity. Produced by Perry and Lorena Sarria, who also stars in the film, Indemnity follows a former drug dealer and her lover relocating to Italy after the murder of an associate. In a New York City apartment, Isabella fills her bag with the cash acquired from her associate Maurice, whom she’d discovered dead. This is her last night in this lifestyle. Isabella connects with her lover, an inspiring writer, Alexandra, to inform her of the news. They go on a holiday trip as a celebration of their new journey together.

Now in Rome, Isabella finds herself having sleepless nights. Alexandra demands Isabella to open up about the death of Maurice, but Isabella dismisses it in favor of her intimate desires. Isabella starts making plans on staying in town indefinitely. Alexandra checks their current funds. Alexandra receives news from an executive offer that requires her to return home. Isabella and Alexandra have a disagreement about their upcoming plans. Isabella does not want to lose Alexandra. Isabella makes a confession to Alexandra that leaves her in disillusionment. Their future together is now in question.

From the premise alone, it seems as though Indemnity will leave viewers talking. It’s so amazing to see diverse stories being told from people of color! I’m curious to find out what exactly the confession is that Isabella makes to Alexandra that just changes the course of their relationship. Could it be that she’s somehow involved in Maurice’s murder? Or did she quickly run off to Italy to escape someone deadly?

Indemnity is currently in pre-production but if you would like to help out with this amazing project, DONATE to their Indiegogo campaign by clicking HERE. For now, check out the official Crowdfunding Video for Indemnity below.

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Photo Credit Tat Leong

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