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Many might(or might not) be surprised to know that among the other titles Karlton T. Clay has, such as director, writer, producer, entrepreneur, and actor, there’s another one added to the list: podcast co-host. Titled Fire and Ice, Clay and co-host Maine Bradley discuss the topics that are happening worldwide in entertainment, our community, and social media. Previous topics discussed on Fire and Ice include Surviving R. Kelly, Cardi B vs Nicki Minaj, and many more. On top of that, the outspoken hosts also highlight movers and shakers locally and in the independent realm, as well as interview and promote mainstream actors, actresses, and entrepreneurs. Some previous guests include actor Darius McCrary(Family Matters) and actor Reggie Gaskins(Eve).

I love the chemistry between Clay & Bradley! They play off each other so well and each give their honest opinion on topics. Another strong point is that both Fire and Ice hosts let each other FULLY express their opinions in full. They never undermine each other and it just further proves how amazing they both are as hosts.

Check out my favorite episode of the Fire and Ice podcast where Clay & Bradley interview Darius McCrary below and be sure to listen to more episodes by clicking HERE.

Photo Credit: Fire & Ice Podcast

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