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On Monday, July 29th, VH1 premiered Love & Listings, a new “real estate docu-series that opens the doors to the glamourous and scandalous lives of Southern California’s young, ambitious real estate agents and their elite celebrity clientele, such as Amber Rose, Ray J, Jermaine Dupri, Jordin Sparks, Brandy, Laz Alonso, and more.” Recently, Black Talent TV had the pleasure of interviewing one of the cast members, Taylor Schwartz. According to her VH1 Bio, Taylor “is a rookie agent” who “despite being younger than her peers, she’s a force to be reckoned with.” Alongside Taylor, Love & Listings features Jacob Knight, son of Suge Knight, LA Broker owner and TV producer Tai Savet, former NFL linebacker Zac Diles, top agent Andrew Clinkscale, and more.

Check out our interview with Taylor Schwartz where she reveals what viewers can expect from her on Love & Listings, what tactics make her different than other agents, and much more below. Make sure to watch Love & Listings on VH1 every Monday at 10pm. 


1-When did you first realize that you wanted to be a real estate agent?

After I graduated high school, my dad told me that over the summer that I’d either have to go to school or get a job. I think I was watching Million Dollar Listings and it just randomly came to me. I decided to take my courses over the summer and at the age of 18, five months after I graduated high school, I was a licensed real estate agent. 


2-What tactics do you believe you possess that make you different than other agents?

I pride myself on being a chameleon. Coming from a biracial background, I feel like I had a diverse upbringing, allowing me to relate to all backgrounds. Also, being young in an industry of mostly older agents, I feel like I bring my youthful, hip touch but the knowledge of agents beyond my years because I’ve been learning from them for such a long time now. Overall, my ability to relate to my clients and hone in on what they are really looking for allows a smooth buying/selling/leasing process.


3-Which sale has been your favorite to close on?

My favorite deal I did was a lease with K. Michelle. She was my first celebrity client and she was such a sweetheart. I showed her three homes but ultimately, she picked this beautiful modern/contemporary property in Malibu with ocean views. She was so excited when she saw the home. She immediately knew it was the one. And that’s the best feeling for an agent. 


4-How did you become part of Love & Listings?

Jacob Knight and I have been friends since high school. He was the one who told me they were looking for agents for the show. He introduced me to Tai Savet, the owner of Agents of LA and the creator of the show. I met with the production team and a few weeks later, we were filming the original pilot.  


5-Did you ever see yourself being on TV at some point?

Yes! I always dreamed of being on TV. I love the spotlight. I love entertaining. I love making people laugh. I never would have imagined my opportunity would come from being a real estate agent, or being on reality TV, but I’m so fortunate because so far, the process has been so much fun!

6-What can viewers of the show expect from your storyline in Love & Listings?

GROWTH! I filmed this show at the age of 19 when I had a year of real estate experience, and was just trying to find my way in real estate and my place in the group. As the season progresses, you’ll definitely see me develop as a person and as a Realtor. 


7-What are three words to describe this first season of Love & Listings?

Motivational, Entertaining, DRAMA.


8-If the show gets renewed for a season two, would you be interested in coming back?

I think I would! I’m 22 now, so I think in season two, I could display the more mature version of myself. I also have a lot more experience under my belt, so for the audience and especially the youth to be able to see how much someone can grow in this industry in three years, I think people could use it as motivation. Especially people who are feeling discouraged in their career. 


9-What advice would you give to someone to wants to pursue a career as a real estate agent?

DON’T GIVE UP! This industry will knock you down over and over again. It’s filled with SO MUCH disappointment. If this is your passion, stick with it! If you’re only doing it because you think you’re going to sell a multimillion-dollar house overnight and be rich, find a new career. This industry is not for the weak, but if you love it, you will reap the benefits. 


10-What is NEXT for Taylor Schwartz?

I am applying to get my Brokerage license. I definitely want to open up my own brokerage firm in the very near future. Also, scripted acting! I had such a great time filming and I would love to work on another project where I can get into character and play someone other than myself. 

Photo Credit: VH1

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