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Said best by David Sze, entrepreneur, investor, and managing partner at the venture capital firm Greylock Partners, “College is a magic time. Yes, you’re young and fickle, but you want to be part of this college experience…” and similarly, the characters in the new web series Condemn are having an interesting college experience. Created by Trayvon “Tray” Williams, Condemn is an eight-episode drama that follows the journey of two college freshmen, with viewers seeing the ups & downs of college life from the perspective of both men & women. Will the judgement, drama, and love be too much to withstand? Released on August 31st, season one of the Jarvis Christian College set drama stars Chineya Henderson and Algernon Lee, as well as featuring Sheraud Sheffield, Lee Richardson, Alexia Young, Chris Ferguson, Leon, Michael Vee, and Williams. Vee & Williams also serve as executive producers for this web series.

Creator Tray Williams is a graduating senior from Houston, Texas who so happened to be living in LA but decided to come back to graduate and end up creating the first scripted show in the schools 100+ history. This show is written and based on most real-life college experiences. Not only did Tray create the show but so did the first-time filmmakers through the real Hollywood film experience. From auditions to the table reads and a lot of early mornings, this project was handled like a Hollywood production. The goal was to get the school to open their eyes about starting a real theatre program and also showing the kids there that no matter where they are, use their resources and go after your dreams. Williams says, “It was important to me to leave a legacy at my alma mater, Jarvis Christian College, and take on the challenge that not most could handle or have been able to pull off. The entire team in front of the camera and behind were students from the school. So, getting to also teach all these students was amazing…very fulfilling! Last, but not least, this wouldn’t have ever gotten done if it wasn’t for Michael Vee investing in me when nobody else would. His work behind the scenes in post-production was incredible. He did a whole lot.”

With Condemn premiering on August 31st, I was able to view the first episode and I think viewers are in for a treat. The whole first episode brought me back to my college days and even miss being in college. Seeing the different characters roam around campus and even hang out in the student center really made me feel nostalgic. The two main characters, Rochelle “RoRo” White(Henderson) and Taheem Baxer(Lee), were great. Actors Henderson & Lee made them very relatable and down to earth. While I won’t give away any spoilers, I believe there’s definitely more in store for their respective storylines in future episodes, especially with how the first episode began!

Condemn premieres on August 31st via The Pioneers Collective but for now, check out the official trailer below.

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