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When it comes to the “perfect” mate, most individuals have a list of specifics that they require in their potential partner. Ranging from “tall, dark, and handsome with a six pack” to “must be outgoing,” some of these requirements are make or break for most men and women. In the new web series Checking Off the List, the main character has quite the list of her own. Written and executive produced by Kirby Carroll Wright, Checking Off The List follows “Tiara Jennings(Tyler Prynce), a woman with a very clear view on how her future life and relationship will look. However, when her best friend, Ashley(Joslyn Y. Hall), helps her realize she’s become a bit close-minded, she agrees to go on five blind dates. Through each encounter, she learns something new about societal expectations, millennial dating, and herself.” Directed by Milos Story, the Atlanta based web series also stars Joe Amichia and features Orvalle Williams, Darryl Chambers, Tabitha Coombs, and Malachy Waco.

Recently, I had the pleasure of viewing a few episodes of Checking Off The List and it is truly a great web series that will instantly grab viewers’ attention. Some of the viewers might even relate to Tiara as she is just a regular woman who truly wants love and even knows what her “future bae” will be like as far as character and more. Ashley is definitely the comic relief who can bring Tiara “back to reality” from time to time. However, I think their relationship will still be strained since Tiara is 110% attracted to Stephen(Amichia), her brother, and still holding out for a miracle that he will want to be with her just as much as she wants to be with him. As far as her blind dates, some are very interesting to watch.

Episode one(titled “Mr. Right”) of Checking Off the List introduces viewers to Tiara, Ashley, and Stephen, as well as lets them in on why Tiara’s “Mr. Right” may be wrong for her. Check out the first episode below and be sure to view more episodes by clicking HERE.

Photo Credit: Donte Rose

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