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In 2014, the Crystal E. Green directed web series Young, Broke, and Married premiered, centering around four young, broke and married couples with real love enduring real-life challenges. Although the couples do not personally know one another, their lives all revolve around one local coffee shop, Community Coffee. One particular couple, Tony(Brandon Beard-Reed) and Liv(Krystyn Spratt), easily stood out as they were constantly at odds. In September 2019, Green decided to do a spin-off of the web series but focus on the latter character. Written, directed, and produced by Green, LIV follows the title character as she moves out and moves on from her messy marriage with Tony. Eventually, she learns to embrace her new life as a sexy, single woman over 30. Produced by M.J. Green, this Media Heist production also stars Marche’ Howell, Tammie Sellers, Nico Jones, and Moni Li.

Recently, I had the pleasure of viewing the first few episodes of LIV and I was in awe of what I saw. After being in a bad situation for so long, it’s always the hardest to start over and that’s definitely the case for Liv. However, her girlfriends are not only helpful but also very funny while doing it. Their brutal honesty of Liv is simultaneously comedic but much needed for Liv to really “get her groove back.” From the looks of it, Brandon is clearly on Liv’s radar and their relationship blooms beautifully. However, I’m sure something, or someone like Tony, will cause a bit of strain during their romantic journey.

Binge ALL season one episodes of LIV by clicking HERE. For now, check out the official trailer below.

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