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Latin writer Publilius Syrus once said, “A small debt produces a debtor; a large one, an enemy.” Coincidentally, this quote might’ve benefited the two main characters in the Monroe Studios original web series The Debt. When strait-laced Nia is caught trying to hide a dead body, Black, a well-respected crime lord, comes to her rescue. He offers to make the problem disappear in exchange for an ambiguous favor. Desperate, Nia quickly agrees to his terms, but soon discovers that making a deal with Black has disturbing consequences. This web series follows as their contrasting worlds collide, unleashing a path of murder, betrayal, and a struggle for survival. Created and directed by Taryn Elyse, The Debt stars Talisha Williams, Walter C.A. Riddle, Kelli Nelson, Montrey Greene, and Minda Marie Fels.

Filmed in Richmond, Virginia, The Debt premiered on September 30th on YouTube and with two episodes in, things are quickly heating up! Viewers who have yet to see the show are truly in for a treat, especially in the pilot episode. In the first few minutes of the web series, viewers are thrown into a horrible situation that gets worse when new characters enter the mix. As a viewer myself, I instantly became drawn to both Nia & Erica since it was obvious that they made a mistake and Nia, in particular, just wanted the whole matter to disappear, which definitely influenced later decisions. Besides the premise, each of the cast members are fantastic!

All in all, The Debt is a great eight-episode crime drama that will keep viewers coming back week after week! View all episodes of The Debt via Monroe Studios by clicking HERE. For now, check out the official trailer for The Debt below.

VISIT The Debt official website via Monroe Studios.

Photo Credit: Monroe Studios/The Debt

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