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With 2020 approaching, there are a few upcoming web series on the horizon and an exciting one to look out for is Hotline. Created by Jasmine White, Hotline is a nine-episode murder mystery drama centered around Attorney Hazel Clarke. She is a straitlaced perfectionist who only cares about winning court cases. That all changes when her estranged sister Chelsea shows up. Hazel wrestles Chelsea out of her house but not her life. Soon after their reunion, Chelsea’s dead body is discovered and her death is ruled a suicide. To soothe her grief Hazel begins working at a suicide hotline. But as evidence mounts, we’re left to wonder is Hazel our hero or our villain?

Co-Executive produced by White and Olevia Mitchell, Hotline features many transgender characters. The web series “gives life to characters that are vastly underrepresented in mainstream media and allows them to take center stage, showcasing the complexity of race, gender, sexuality, and class through an entertaining lens.” Directed by Dallas Alexis, Hotline stars Ianne Fields Stewart, Dréya St. Clair, Ikahn El, Nastasia Aleze, Aaron Donahue, Morticia Godiva, and Liz Wellman. Hotline is also produced by Melissa Quinones & Meah Denee Barrington and written by Natalia Majette, with Gwendolyn C. Rogers also serving as Associate Producer.

White & the rest of the Hotline team just completed its Seed & Spark campaign and are fully funded. While there is no release date yet, the official trailer for Hotline was released and from the looks of it, viewers are in literally in for a WILD ride. The trailer provided everything from sex and drama to murder and I cannot wait to watch! I love the diversity with the characters and the web series as a whole. VISIT the official Hotline website for more information on the project but for now, check out the official trailer below.

Photo Credit: Hotline

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