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After two successful seasons of his web series Blue Collar Hustle, creator/writer/executive producer Alonge Hawes decided to create a new project that’s sure to excite viewers. Released exclusively through Seeka.TV, Black on Both Sides is Alonge’s newest web series that follows “29-year-old Anansi Moor who, through mastering the art of “Code-Switching”, has successfully ingratiated himself into the upper echelon of his retail-based job at Legacy Wireless.  Through careful study, preparation, and demeanor, Anansi is ostensibly White America’s perfect example of post racial America. Intelligent, witty, well spoken, and just black enough to fill a diversity quota without seeming threatening; Yet behind his carefully curated song and dance lies a motivation that dictates his every move in a game that grows ever more dangerous as the quest for justice, equality, and freedom become the chess moves that will either free the caged bird….or scorch its wings.”

Alonge stars in this new web series alongside Quentin Williams, Howard Woodburn, Roberto Cruz, Shani Hawes, Lasada Lloyd, Devan Dmarcus, Julian Robinson, Kiara Woods, and Scott Piehler. Shani & Roberto also serve as producers alongside Jamal Mcclendon, Rodderick Fedd, and George Reese. Black on Both Sides recently premiered on and it’s truly something special.

When I first heard about Black on Both Sides, I was pretty skeptical about whether or not it would be as good as Blue Collar Hustle. Rightfully, I was wrong—it’s amazing. Both Blue Collar Hustle and Black on Both Sides are essentially different web series and fans should expect that going into the latter project. I had the pleasure of watching the first four episodes and I am excited to see what happens next for Anansi! For those who have not watched, you’re in for a treat with how great Anansi is. I view him as a smooth talker who puts 110% of himself into everything, or at least tries to. However, this is the same quality that could work out very BAD for him. All in all, the web series is great and will keep you interested to see what happens next for Anansi & the rest of the characters. 

Check out Black on Both Sides via Seeka.TV by clicking HERE and FOLLOW the web series on Instagram. For now, check out the teaser below.

Photo Credit: Alonge Hawes/Black on Both Sides

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