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Mya Speller Cullins is an Author, Counselor, Television Host, Entrepeneur, and Mentor who has a mental health talk show and three books, one of which is Behind the Veil. The book is about the façade a pastor and his wife are trying to keep up for their congregation. Cullins has decided to turn Behind the Veil into a project and serves as director & producer, while Stan B. Lackey, Nordia Meggie, K. Dubb Walker, Taylor Latham, and Jonathan Armour star. The project specifically follows Pastor Darryl and his wife Stacy, who seem to have the perfect life if you’re looking from the pulpit in. However, life after Sunday service is nowhere near Godly. Pastor seems to get the terms “pray” and “prey” confused when it comes to the women in his congregation. Stacey catches him in the act and after some encouragement from a friend, decides to get a side piece of her own. Stacey falls hard for her new drug dealer boyfriend and ends up pregnant and tangled in his legal issues. There are a lot of things revealed when you go Behind the Veil!

I recently had the pleasure of viewing the trailer for Behind the Veil and I am SO excited for this project to come to life! The project has all of the right ingredients to instantly keep viewers attention: drama, a little bit of romance, and scandal! The pastor is one naughty man but it looks like his wife isn’t afraid to fight fire with fire. All in all, Cullins definitely knows what viewers truly like with the Behind the Veil book and now the project will prove that visually.

For updates on Behind the Veil, Mya Speller Cullins, and her other endeavors, check out her official website by clicking HERE. You can also purchase Behind the Veil and her other books via her official website. For now, check out the teaser for Behind the Veil by clicking HERE.

Photo Credit: YouTube/Amazon

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