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Some stories are timeless and while this particular story has been portrayed in so many different ways, this particular one comes just in time for the holidays. Written and directed by Tomisin Adepeju(The Good Son), I Am Joseph is the debut short film from Four8, creators of short form content made by, and for, millennial audiences. I Am Joseph tells a powerful and moving story about one man’s internal struggle to come to terms with an unavoidable truth that will transform his life. The short film is the first in the “I Am…” series, which aims to reintroduce biblical characters in timeless settings while exploring their individuals journeys and humanizing their experiences. I Am Joseph stars Michael Akinsulire(Killing Eve) as JosephAsmara Gabrielle(Finding Fatima) as Mary, and D.K. Ugonna(Take on Me) as David. The project is also created and produced by Stephane Alexandre, executive produced by Matthew Barrett and Vikki McLachlan, with cinematography by Miles Ridgway. Barrett is an Emmy and BAFTA award winner, while Ridgway is BAFTA nominated.

Recently, I had the pleasure of viewing I Am Joseph, which is available to stream as of December 5th via Four8’s YouTube channel, and I really hope you, the reader, watch this amazing short film. The way Adepeju, Akinsulire, and the rest of the actors and production team portrayed this story was excellent. At first, I was unsure what was truly happening. From Joseph(Akinsulire) & Mary’s(Gabrielle) first interaction, I knew there was tension between the two but more from Joseph. Mary kept professing her innocence about the situation at hand and I instantly thought, “Yeah, okay. Who did you cheat with—his friend?” But as soon as Joseph meets David(Ugonna), I immediately realized what story was being told, which made me even more eager to continue watching. The three actors in I Am Joseph are superb, with each portraying such great emotion with every line, especially Akinsulire and Gabrielle with their chemistry being evident from the gecko.

Check out I Am Joseph, the first in the “I Am…” series, via Four8’s official YouTube channel by clicking HERE. Before that, check out the trailer below.

Photo Credit: Four8

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