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For the third consecutive year in a row, Black Talent TV is starting the New Year off with our Best Web Series list. With an eccentric group of returning favorites and first timers to the list, the 21 Best Web Series of 2019 list features talent that are nothing short of magical. Over the past two years, the Best Web Series list has featured many critically acclaimed web series, such as Giants, Tough Love, Situationships, Bondage, The Ave, Working out the Kinks, Bad Web Series, and IFC’s Frank & Lamar, many of which have won awards and even been picked up by BET Digital and Cleo TV.

Check out Black Talent TV’s 21 Best Web Series of 2019 list below.

21-Lea the Late Bloomer(Season 1)

After a failed attempt at “making it” in LA, a 28-year-old underachieving filmmaker returns to The Bronx to live with her parents, and is forced to face her old demons and self-sabotaging behavior. Premiering in September 2019, Lea the Late Bloomer stars Kadia Blagrove, who also serves as creator, writer, and executive producer. While Blagrove does a great job at making the audience laugh with every episode, she manages to make Lea a character for the audience to root for. Lea also resonates with most, if not all, viewers who continue to strive for their dreams. Check out Lea the Late Bloomer by clicking HERE.


20-The Inner Circle: Dallas(Season 4)

June 2019 saw the season four premiere of Zachariyah O’Neal’s The Inner Circle: Dallas, a reality web series that follows a group of individuals as they navigate love, life, and drama in Dallas, TX. Season four featured two sparring vets and three new cast members, a dinner party from hell, party invites being revoked left and right, and a video about one of the cast members sent from an anonymous source. Can anyone scream “DRAMA!” While season five of The Inner Circle: Dallas is currently in the works, check out season four by clicking HERE.


19-$ugar Maybe(Season 1)

Deep in debt and uninspired to create new content, awkward filmmaker Mackenzie Reynolds is back to square one after quitting yet another job. Her younger and more experienced sister, Tia, gifts her with one of life’s cheat codes: a sugar baby profile on, a social networking site for the sugar world’s elite. Tia creates the profile vowing that the site is both the answer to Mackenzie’s money woes and the remedy for her self-pity and excuses. Written, directed, and executive produced by Adrianna Cherelle, $ugar Maybe brings on many, many laughs while resonating with viewers who have been in a financial struggle. Check out $ugar Maybe by clicking HERE.


18-Timeless Guilt(Season 1)

Written and directed by Benny Flames, Timeless Guilt is a web series that picks up a year after the short film of the same name, which followed Darnell who, after walking home with his daughter, witnesses two men kidnapping a little girl. While the short film was great, the web series dives deeper into the many lives affected by the incident and things get more complicated for everyone involved. Flames stars in Timeless Guilt alongside a cast of actors and actresses who play their characters phenomenally. Check out Timeless Guilt by clicking HERE.


17-Wingmen(Season 1)

A spin-off of BET’s Situationships, Kar Logan’s Wingmen follows Theo as he encounters friends, new and old, all while helping them find love at the bar. On top of directing and writing, Logan stars in the web series that gives viewers a look at the unique relationships of men and how they interact with one another, as well as how they interact with the women of the show. The web series is officially part of TV One’s A Space of Creators. If you’re a fan of shows like Cheers, you’ll definitely LOVE Wingmen from the gecko! Check out Wingmen by clicking HERE.


16-Dreaming Whilst Black(Season 1)

Written, directed, and starring by the award-winning Adjani Salmon, Dreaming Whilst Black is a 9-episode comedic web series that follows a young, passionate, yet naive filmmaker, Kwabena, who is risks everything in order to make his dreams come true. As he makes his break out short film, he struggles to balance work, friends and his relationship. This struggle is compounded by the pressure from his family to gain financial stability. Judging from the comments on YouTube alone, Dreaming Whilst Black is sure to spark major conversation all the while making you laugh and trust me, you will laugh. Check out Dreaming Whilst Black by clicking HERE.


15-Single & Anxious(Season 3)

Described as a “Girlfriends meets A Different World and adopts The Wire” type of web series, Single & Anxious follows seven complex millennials caught in a triangle of love, lies, and crime. Created, directed, and produced by Christina Faith, the web series is currently in its third season, which is now available on Amazon Prime. Single & Anxious perfectly blends romance with heartbreak and a little bit of action here and there. Trust us, this web series will take you on an emotional rollercoaster and it will be well worth it! Check out season three of Single & Anxious by clicking HERE.


14-Black on Both Sides(Season 1)

After the success of Blue Collar Hustle, creator, writer, executive producer, and actor Alonge Hawes has created another web series, Black on Both Sides, that is just as amazing as BCH. Released via Seeka.TV, Black on Both Sides follows “Anansi Moor who looks like the poster child for a post-racial America. He is intelligent, witty, and well-spoken—and just black enough to fill a diversity quota without being threatening. Yet behind his carefully curated song and dance is a game that grows ever more dangerous as the quest for justice drives tactics that will either free the caged bird—or scorch its wings.” Black on Both Sides is a wonderful web series that we hope comes back for a second season! Check out Black on Both Sides by clicking HERE.


13-#NewYearNewUs(Season 1)

On New Year’s Eve, most people post either one of the two hashtags on Instagram—#NewYearNewMe or #NewYearNewUs. However, Atlanta based web series #NewYearNewUs actually put a visual meaning to the latter. Written, directed, and produced by Nina Stakz#NewYearNewUs follows Bakari and Imani King, newlyweds, who haven’t been seeing eye to eye lately but when a seemingly normal New Year’s Eve takes a dangerous, unexpected turn, it may teach them to never take their love for granted. From the very first episode, #NewYearNewUs gets VERY interesting and it seems as though Bakari & Imani go through so many ups and downs, even at one point possibly divorcing. Yikes! Check out #NewYearNewUs by clicking HERE.


12-Poz Roz(Season 1)

Written and directed by Carlton JordanPoz Roz is a dark comedy centered around the spunky, passionate, and free-spirited Rozzlyn Mayweather (mid-20s, Black) aka “Roz”. Her current life is filled with gay BFFs, sorority soirees, Black Twitter commentary, and her online business of creating statement tees for woke millennials. However, her already shaky world becomes rocked by an HIV+ diagnosis. Co-Directed by J.C. BarrosPoz Roz is a fantastic web series highlights a pretty important topic that still manages to affect people everyday. And while HIV is no joking matter, this web series does a great job at creating some laughter along the way. Check out Poz Roz by clicking HERE.


11-Black Enough(Season 1)

An intimate and poetic web series about what it means to survive in the Black community, Black Enough follows Amaya, an insecure dancer and her kaleidoscope of friends, as she checks off ingredients from her #BlackGirlMagic Potion in order to survive at a predominantly white college. As she navigates the struggles of transitioning into her natural hair, she fights her own demons of feeling less than loved.  In her attempt to find wholeness and community, her illusive goal costs her pieces of herself that she may not be willing to lose. From the first episode alone, this Micah Ariel Watson created web series is definitely one to watch! Honestly, Black Enough reminds us a little of Dear White People, just without the comedy aspect to it, but just as great! Check out Black Enough by clicking HERE


10-Lovers Lane(Season 6)

With so many web series, short films, plays, and other endeavors under his belt, Karlton T. Clay has another legendary one added to the list—Lovers Lane. Since August 2015, Lovers Lane has captivated its audience with no shortage of sex, lies, and secrets amongst the selected group of individuals on Lovers Ln. The dramatic web series recently finished its sixth season, which is the FINAL season and Clay left nothing unsaid or undone. While we are sad that Lovers Lane is coming to an end, we are happy to have all six seasons of love, deceit, and a bit of crime available to binge on a rainy day. Check out Lovers Lane by clicking HERE.


9-Love@FirstNight(Season 3)

Created by Terry Torrington, Love@FirstNight is an award-winning web series that follows Jayden & Spencer as they walk us through the stages of their unconventional, petty love story. Exclusively through SlayTV, Love@FirstNight kept fans eager to follow the highs and lows of this romance for three seasons. However, the third season is revealed to be the FINAL season and fans of the show, which includes us, are so sad. Nonetheless, the third season proved to be one hell of a season, with a good ending for the Jayden & Spencer. Check out Love@FirstNight by clicking HERE.


8-Rhonda Mitchell, M.D.(Season 2)

After a magnificent first season, award-winning Rhonda Mitchell, M.D. returned for round two! Created by Carolyn Pierre-Outlar, Rhonda Mitchell, M.D. chronicles the life of an ambitious, Type-A doctor gets turned upside down when she gets fired from her dream job and returns home to work in her father’s Harlem-based clinic. She soon learns that unconventional tactics are the only way to manage this irreverent group of patients. In season two, Rhonda takes over her father’s clinic and to say things aren’t going the way she had hoped would be an understatement. The very first scene in the season two premiere is TOO funny and we’re sure there’s many more hilarious moments to come. Check out Rhonda Mitchell, M.D. by clicking HERE.


7-Checking Off the List(Season 1)

Set in Atlanta, Checking Off the List follows Tiara, a woman with a very clear view on how her future life and relationship will look. After her best friend, Ashley, helps her realize she’s a bit close-minded, Tiara agrees to go on five blind dates, where she learns something new about societal expectations, millennial dating, and even herself. Written and executive produced by Kirby Carroll Wright, Checking Off the List is a MUST WATCH. Viewers are constantly watching to find out whether Tiara will find love with one of the five blind dates or will Ashley’s brother, Stephen, finally want to be with her as much as she wants to be with him. Like most viewers, we hope for the latter! Check out Checking Off the List by clicking HERE.


6-The Circle: New York City(Season 3)

Showcasing the lives, struggles, and talents of NYC individuals in the LGBTQ community as they attempt to work together on media, community, and social events, The Circle: New York City returned for an eventful third season. Created by Lester “NewNue” Matthews, season three followed one returning cast member alongside a new group of individuals, which included three rappers and a model/actor/host. While there was drama between a few of the cast members, season three of The Circle: New York City really showcased everyone’s hustle in their respective careers and it was very inspiring to see. Season four is on its way, with a mix of new and veterans from past seasons, and we cannot wait. Check out The Circle: New York City by clicking HERE.


5-Single Man Problems(Season 1)

With a successful and award-winning web series like The Ave under his belt, filmmaker Bobby Ashley decided to tackle a new type of project—Single Man Problems. Along with Robert McCullough, Ashley co-created, written, and directed the comedic web series that follows Ronnie Maxwell, a 20 something, self-conscious gay black man, who catfishes his way into finding love and navigates difficult career and social situations. The show explores the millennial experience from the perspective of Ronnie, currently living in his best friend’s apartment while trying to pursue a career in screenwriting. Streaming on HereTV, Single Man Problems has the right remedy for someone who has the blues—laughter! On top of that, this web series covers many important topics, with one episode even focusing on PreP. Check out Single Man Problems by clicking HERE.


4-Ghosts of Fort Greene(Season 1)

Written and directed by Lamont Pierré, Ghosts of Fort Greene follows Hop and his mosaic of seedy friends and associates who are haunted by emotional baggage, dark secrets, and shady pasts as they try to survive on the streets of Brooklyn. The production in Ghosts of Fort Greene is so crisp and the acting is phenomenal, while the storylines of the main two cast members keep viewers coming back for the next episode. Things get super intense from the very beginning and we, along with the fans, cannot wait to see what happens next. Check out Ghosts of Fort Greene by clicking HERE.


3-Juju: The Web Series(Season 1)

Written, directed, and produced by Moon Ferguson, Juju: The Web Series is a supernatural project that follows the lives of Ally, Gigi, and Yaya, three best friends navigating adulthood and their newfound powers. The web series resembles Charmed and The Craft but mixed with a whole lot of #BlackGirlMagic. New episodes of Juju: The Web Series are still premiering in 2020 and we advise you to watch now! The pilot episode has everything from a lit party, body switching, and just a little bit of shade from Gigi. Need we say more? Check out Juju: The Web Series by clicking HERE.


2-Pillow Talk(Season 1)

From the creators of Tough Love, Pillow Talk is a web series that follows relationship expect Lyric, who loses her job and her man, and is now trying to reinvent her brand and even herself, all the while helping out her friends and clients along the way. Along the way, she encounters a new love interest that might interfere with her journey to reinventing herself. Caleb and Roni Davis have yet again created another web series that keeps viewers eager for the next episode to drop due to addictive storylines and characters to be invested in. While there’s no news on a season two of Pillow Talk, we sure hope it’s already in the works! Check out Pillow Talk by clicking HERE.


1-King Ester(Season 1)

After the success of BET’s Brooklyn.Blue.Sky, creator Dui Jarrod decided to continue his successful streak with a one of a kind web series—King Ester. With episodes available on the IssaRaePresents YouTube channel, King Ester follows Ester, a trans woman struggling to find her path in New Orleans during the week before Hurricane Katrina. In the face of an evacuation order, she is forced to make a choice that will impact her future forever. Will she get out on time? Unsurprisingly, Jarrod created a masterpiece, with exquisite cinematography and a truly moving story. While The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s Janet Hubert and Pose’s Angelica Ross do an amazing job, it is Rowan Amone that ultimately steals the show as Ester. If you have not checked out King Ester, please make sure you do so by clicking HERE.

















































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