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Check out Black Talent TV’s 10 Best Web Series to Binge 


10-The Marriage Tour(3 Seasons)

In 2013, creator David Tinsley decided create a web series that had us asking, “What in the world is a marriage tour?” Basically, The Marriage Tour follows Denise & Brian, a couple who have been together for four years, as they embark on a “marriage tour” to basically visit other couples at different stages of their marriages. From the seasoned couple Kyle & Laura to newlyweds Andre & Carmen, as well as the divorced Eddie and even his love interest Jessica, this web series proves that through all of the highs and lows, a true marriage/relationship can withstand anything. Binge The Marriage Tour by clicking HERE.


9-Twenty(2 Seasons)

Described as “brutally honest and relatable” by, Twenty follows the story of Maya, her girlfriend Catalina, and her group of eclectic friends as they navigate careers, love, and life in their early twenties. Written & directed by Lily Richards, Twenty is a fantastic LGBTQ web series with great comedy, top notch acting, and wonderful filmography. On top of that, the characters are great and there’s some good romance thrown in there that is appropriate for Valentine’s Day. Binge Twenty by clicking HERE.


8-Unconditional Love(3 Seasons)

Written and directed by Joseph Goncalves, Unconditional Love explores the ups and downs modern day romance between a gay, black couple. Over the course of three seasons, the couple face their own challenges, with their love and faith tested against all odds. Both Daniel & Benjamin have grown so much over the course of the show and even though they separated for some time, their love for each other never disappeared. Unconditional Love proves that if it’s real love, it’s 100% unconditional. Binge Unconditional Love by clicking HERE.


7-How Did We Get Here?(2 Seasons)

Directed by Olan Collardy(Life of Hers) and written by Leon Mayne(Brothers With No Game), How Did We Get Here?followed the complicated love story between childhood sweethearts Imani & Dewale. From the getcko, it was evident that these two characters had SO MUCH chemistry. Honestly, it was OOZING out. The first season was actually in reverse order, with each episode going further back to key moments, and the season finale showing the sweethearts meeting up after five long years. Unlike the first season, the sophomore season was in chronological order and ended with Imani & Dewale getting hot & heavy on the couch…with her fiancé looking from the outside. Yikes! Binge How Did We Get Here? by clicking HERE.

6-Platonic(1 Season)

Is it true—can a man and woman really just have a platonic relationship without any feelings involved? The answer to this question will also spark a conversation but the web series Platonic pretty much has the answer. Created by Moni Oyedepo, Platonic follows Wood and Brea, two best friends, who overlook their obvious chemistry for the sake of the friendship—no matter what their burning loins are telling them to do. Similar to the two main characters in the film Brown Sugar, the chemistry between Wood & Brea is VERY noticeable. To find out whether or not they finally listen to their hearts and take the plunge or fake it until the end, binge Platonic by clicking HERE.


5-Love@FirstNight(3 Seasons)

An award-winning web series, Love@FirstNight follows Jayden & Spencer as they walk us through the stages of their unconventional, petty love story. Created by Terry Torrington, Love@FirstNight proves that love can come when you least expect it. With that, both Jayden & Spencer had their fair share of highs and lows throughout their journey. However, in the end, love prevailed. With a good mix of comedy and romance, Love@FirstNight is one that keeps fans eager for the next episode. Binge Love@FirstNight by clicking HERE.


4-Makeup and Breakup(3 Seasons)

While Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate love, that doesn’t necessarily mean that love doesn’t come with its ups and downs, as proven in the web series Makeup and Breakup. Directed and written by Eric Dickens, Makeup and Breakup literally begins when Brooke blindsides Blake and ends their two-year relationship. Blake, however, doesn’t hesitate before jumping back into the New York dating scene and instantly finds a new love interest. However, Brooke resurfaces. The romantic and personal lives of other characters intertwine as well. Exclusively featured through BET digital, Makeup and Breakup is a fantastic web series that features a budding romance between Blake & Shannon, as well as the demise of Brooke’s relationship with Spencer. Binge Makeup and Breakup by clicking HERE.


3-New Year, New Us(1 Season)

Written, directed, and produced by Nina Stakz, New Year, New Us is a wonderful web series to binge on Valentine’s Day. Based in Atlanta, the web series follows newlyweds Bakari and Imani King who, after not seeing eye to eye lately, try to have a normal New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, things take a dangerous, unexpected turn and it may teach them to never take their love for granted. Over the course of the show, fans root for the couple to keep their love alive. However, Bakari & Imani find themselves constantly at odds but in true Valentine’s Day fashion, love swoops back in to save the day. Binge New Year, New Us by clicking HERE.


2-The New 30(1 Season)

While it’s been said 30 is the new 20, it’s also been said that 40 is the new 30. However, The New 30 proves that love and life are still as complicated at 40. Written by Walt Bost and John Sobrack, The New 30 is a six-episode gay web series that explores the lives of Elliot and his closest friends in L.A. as they navigate getting older and all the unexpected challenges, surprises and heartache it brings. Elliot’s world is turned upside down at his 40th birthday party, and he along with his friends begin to realize that their lives aren’t quite how they imagined they would be when they were younger. Relationships, career choices, friendships and living situations wind up being re-evaluated, and big changes seem inevitable for all. Directed by Bost, The New 30 is a magnificent web series, with incredible acting and storylines. For Valentine’s Day, this web series will take you on a little romantic rollercoaster, especially with Elliot. Binge The New 30 by clicking HERE.


1-Tough Love(3 Seasons)

Created by Caleb & Roni Davis, Tough Love is an award-winning web series that follows six progressive Black Millenials, living in New York City and working to overcome obstacles along their career paths, while trying to get a grasp on their tumultuous love lives. Each episode of Tough Love showcases all avenues of love—from the “unnoficial relationship” to the love woes between a couple who seem “perfect.” Nominated for a Daytime Emmy and exclusively airing on Cleo TV, Tough Love is a PERFECT web series to binge on Valentine’s Day. Be prepared for some hot and heavy scenes, though! Binge Tough Love by clicking HERE.


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