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Throughout most of our childhoods, we’ve consistently been told to do this one task: “listen to your parents,” or specifically, “listen to your mother.” However, a new short film proves that maybe we shouldn’t listen to our mothers when it involves crime. Written & directed by Dan Adams(New York’s Flyest), Mama Don’t Make Me that addresses the rarely talked about social issue of parents using their children to help them commit crimes. Set in New York City, Mama Don’t Make Me uncovers the accounts of a mother in a desperate situation and the desperate actions her children are forced to take. 30-year-old Forever Monroe is a single parent from the projects who is stricken with stage 4 ovarian cancer. In hopes to set her five-year-old twin daughters, Amber & Ambience, up with a better life, Forever masterminds a series of high-priced jewelry thefts.

Unbeknownst to Forever, she is being secretly investigated by two passionate New York City detectives who hate the circumstances she places her children in. When these voices of opposition finally come to a head, Forever is faced with a dire situation that leaves her twins stuck between a gun and a hard place. Mama Don’t Make Me stars Tracey Remarais, Cherie Mendez, Zakiya Cook, E. George Perry, Anthony Coppola, Alley Ninestein, and the McClure Twins making their acting debut.

Recently, I had the pleasure of watching Mama Don’t Make Me and this gritty urban crime drama is definitely one to watch! From the storyline to the cinematography, Mama Don’t Make Me kept me interested from the beginning to the end. The acting from each and every actor is magnificent as well. The McClure Twins are wonderful in their acting debut, easily portraying little girls who love their mother so much and want to obey her at all times, even though they disagree with her doing crime. Tracey shined as Forever, portraying so much emotion as a Mother who loves her girls and wants the best for them. With the recent bad news about her health and being investigated by detectives, she is clearly not in her right mind and her anger takes over. However, Tracey does as great job at making viewers feel bad for Forever, even though she is committing crimes and having her daughters help her. Cherie, Zakiya, E. George, Anthony, and Alley also shined in their roles, respectively.

Check out the trailer for Dan Adam’s Mama Don’t Make Me below.

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Photo Credit: Dan Adams/Mama Don’t Make Me

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