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 Layla Saad

Me and White Supremacy

Challenge your understanding of white supremacy and privilege in a thought-provoking session. What exactly is white supremacy? Are you able to recognise your privilege, but unsure of how to challenge it? Do you wish that you could help speak up and take ownership of anti-racism work but feel you may not have the tools to do so?
Come and join anti-racism educator and Instagram sensation Layla Saad to talk about her book Me and White Supremacy. Saad joins WOW – Women of the World in conversation to unpack misconceptions, understand how to utilise our privileges and take the actions necessary to dismantle the racist power structures and injustices that impact all of our lives. Women of all backgrounds are invited to join us for this frank and informative session.

Bonnie Tajudeen

Art in the Age of Black Girl Magic

Delve into the genesis of black feminism in art at a talk with Bolanle Tajudeen, founder of Black Blossoms.Explore black women artists who make work addressing social, economical and political issues affecting their lives. With Tajudeen’s guidance, uncover how these works can raise the conciseness of the black community.
During the session, find out about the ways in which black women artists have resisted and organised to make sure they are not ignored and forgotten in art history.

Sanah Ahsan

Women of Colour and Mental Health

How do gender and race affect mental health care, why do women of colour often go unheard, and how can we challenge stigma and change the status quo?Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression are experienced by women of colour at a higher rate than white women in the UK, according to NHS Digital’s 2017 statistics.Women of colour face numerous barriers which mean they are affected disproportionately by mental health issues, worsened by the fact that professional services are not representative of the populations that are seeking help.Consider how we can work to improve access to treatment and mental health policy with speakers including Sanah Ahsan, a trainee clinical psychologist, spoken word artist and poet, and more to be announced.

Chelsea Kwakye & Ore Ogunbiyl

Taking Up Space

The realities of being a black girl in a white institution are laid bare by Chelsea Kwakye and Ore Ogunbiyi, authors of Taking Up Space: The Black Girl’s Manifesto for Change. As a minority in a predominantly white institution, taking up space is an act of resistance, and the feeling that you constantly have to justify your existence within institutions that weren’t made for you is an ongoing struggle for many people. Recent University of Cambridge graduates Kwakye and Ogunbiyi wrote Taking Up Space as a guide and manifesto for change. The book tackles issues of access, unrepresentative curricula, discrimination in the classroom, the problems of activism and life before and after university. Come and join Kwakye and Ogunbiyi to discuss Taking Up Space and the realities of being a black girl in a white institution.

Emma Dabiri

Don’t Touch My Hair

Straightened. Stigmatised. ‘Tamed’. Celebrated. Erased. Managed. Appropriated. Forever misunderstood. Join critically acclaimed writer and broadcaster Emma Dabiri to explore why black hair is never ‘just hair’ following her groundbreaking book, Don’t Touch My Hair. Touching on everything from women’s solidarity and friendship, forgotten African scholars and the dubious provenance of Kim Kardashian’s braids, Emma explores why far from being only hair, black hairstyling culture can be understood as an allegory for black oppression and, ultimately, liberation. Join Emma on a journey from pre-colonial Africa, through the Harlem Renaissance and Black Power into today’s Natural Hair Movement, the Cultural Appropriation Wars and beyond to discuss why black hair matters and how it can be viewed as a blueprint for decolonisation. All hair types welcome.

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