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A wise person once said, “A love triangle is like a relay race where the person in the middle deliberately delays the passing of the baton.” And as unfortunate as the situation can or will be, love triangles are terrific in the entertainment world. From books to TV shows, such as the Twilight saga and Love & Hip Hop, love triangles keeps the audiences’ attention. For Malcolm Carter’s web series Filthy Prelude, this proves to be true as well. Written, directed, starring, and edited by Carter, Filthy Prelude is an award winning web series that focuses on Bruce Walker(Carter), a guy who experiences a dreadful love triangle which leads to him expressing his anger in different factors with social media. Bruce is dealing with the aftermath of heartbreak from his girlfriend who cheated on him with his best friend. The story tells Bruce’s point of view and how he is trying to overcome the issue, but a new problem occurs every time. Filthy Prelude also stars Sidney Odom, Lexus Adams, and Martina Guerra.

Recently, I had the pleasure of watching Filthy Prelude and for those who have not watched it, you are in for a treat. This web series is INSANE…to put it mildly. What happens to Bruce over the course of the eight episodes is wild and proves that he wasn’t in an average love triangle—this one was dangerous. Besides the fantastic story, Carter and the rest of the cast did a great job. I look forward to more from this amazing project.

Check out more projects from MCP Network, such as other web series and even short films, by clicking HERE. You can also stream Filthy Prelude on Amazon Prime by clicking HERE. For now, check out episode one of Filthy Prelude below.

Photo Credit: Malcolm Carter/MCP Network

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