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In December 2019, production company Four8 released I Am Joseph, the first short film in their “I Am…” series. Telling the story of Joseph’s internal struggle with the truth about Mary’s pregnancy, I Am Joseph was nothing short of powerful. For those who aren’t aware, the “I Am…” series aims to reintroduce biblical characters in timeless settings while exploring their individual journeys and humanizing their experiences. Alas, Four8 releases the newest entry into the series—I Am Pilate. Directed by Femi Oyeniran(Adulthood, Turn Up Charlie), I Am Pilate follows a journalist sent to the home of former district governor for an interview, but his routine obituary fact check reveals an extraordinary secret. I Am Pilate stars Shaun Scott(The Kingsman, The Bill), Jazz Lintott(The Intent), Letitia Hector(Venus vs. Mars, Famalam), and newcomer Kayode Akinyemi.

I recently had the pleasure of watching I Am Pilate, which was released on April 5th, and it was nothing short of fantastic. Similar to I Am Joseph, I first thought I was just watching a short film about a powerful man who regrets about sending an innocent man to his death. But, like the governor says, “He’s more than just a man,” and that he was. I Am Pilate is a beautiful portrayal of Pontius Pilate, the fifth governor of the Roman province of Judaea who is best known today for presiding over the trial of Jesus and ordering his crucifixion. All of the actors played their role exceptionally well. Scott was remarkable playing the governor as he easily showed so much emotion in every scene. Kristian did a great job as well, showing a side of the young governor as he struggles to send this one man to death. Even though Akinyemi is a newcomer, I strongly believe he will be seen in more projects to come after I Am Pilate.

Check out I Am Pilate via Four8’s official YouTube channel by clicking HERE. Before you do that, please make sure to watch the official trailer below.

Credit: Four8

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