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Not too long ago, Black Talent TV had the pleasure of interviewing a talented actor who has worked alongside some of Hollywood’s best and this shining star is Dorian Missick. Born in East Orange, NJ, Dorian is an actor and producer who’s NO stranger to the acting game. His resume includes TNT’s Southland, Deliver Us from Evil, and Premium, a film that also stars Zoe Saldana and Hill Harper. Dorian also starred in the 2012-2013 web series Lenox Ave alongside Al Thompson, Ryan Vigilant, Chenoa Maxwell, and La Rivers.

Check out my recent interview with Dorian Missick where he discusses his time on Lenox Ave, what fans can expect from some of his upcoming projects, how he got into acting, and more below.


1-How did you first get into acting?

I told a teacher I had that I wanted to be an actor. Her son was in commercials so I asked her how I can get involved. She told me that I couldn’t be an actor because I didn’t know how to follow directions. So she basically invited me to her son’s acting class to prove to me that I didn’t belong there. When I got there, the teacher had us in a circle doing movements to warm up, and I started clowning around(per usual) and was break dancing. Instead of being punished, I was encouraged and some people were watching the class looking for kids who could break dance for a Coca Cola commercial and chose me…on my first day of acting class. I was on set of my first commercial by the next week!


2-Who’s your favorite actor/actress?

Three way tie between Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, and Dustin Hoffman. They all epitomize their craft. Meryl and Dustin are also incredible with comedy as well.


3-You’ve been part of many TV series, such as Animal Kingdom and Zoe Ever After with Brandy. Out of all your TV projects, which was your favorite to film?

I find all of my projects special. Each one teaches me something new about myself as an artist and a man. However, my favorite project is my NEXT one. I’m always super excited about a new journey.


4-Black Talent TV is all about black web series and short films. With that being said, you starred as Sellars in the web series Lenox Ave. How was that experience?

That experience was a lot of fun. Al is one of my best friends, so when he asked me to join a project he was writing and directing I was on board immediately. At that time, the web series genre was still very new and exciting. There was no real model for how to break through and now a lot of content creators sight that project as inspiration for their own pieces. To be on the forefront of something like that is a major accomplishment for me.


5-You’ve starred in various films, such as Deliver Us from Evil and 2014’s Annie. Which project was your favorite to film?

I can find something I loved about shooting every project, but filming Premium really stands out to me. The director and writer, Pete Chatmon, and I were trying to get that film made for about five years before we finally did. This was before Kickstarter so we literally had to beat the pavement and beg for money for years before we actually got it made. When we showed up to work on the first day, there was a moment when we looked at each other in awe because we knew how much it took to get to there. Moments like that fuel you for a long time. You live for those moments when you feel the tide turning right in front of your eyes and you know you are a part of something really special. Can’t beat that!

6-You star as David in the film Jinn, which is already receiving some critical acclaim after being screened at the 2018 SXSW. How did this role come about?

That film came to me pretty traditionally. Nijla Mumin, the writer and director, sent me the script—I read it and LOVED it. I asked if I could pass it along to my wife if that role wasn’t cast yet. She loved that idea and Simone read it and spoke with Nijla. The rest is history.


7-One of your upcoming projects include the TV Series tentatively titled The Finest with Tisha Campbell-Martin, Michael Beach, and Eric Balfour. What can fans expect from this show?

Since we are only in the pilot stage of that project, I’m not really sure what I can say about it. These things have a tendency to change or never get seen at all. I can say I am super proud of my buddy Regina King who was our director and is the executive producer of the series. The amount of Black Girl Magic on this project is incredible! I’m honored to witness it.


8-Besides acting, you’re also a producer. What made you decide to dabble in producing?

I became a producer because I want to see diverse stories being told in an honest way. Producing gave me more say in the process. I was seeing stories getting mishandled too much and felt the only way to do my part in correcting that was to get more involved and put more of myself on the line. I love the filmmaking process, but oftentimes as just an actor you are shut out of a great deal of the experience. That was getting old to me.


9-What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a career in acting?

If it’s in your heart to do this, don’t give up. It sounds cliché, but I have seen people make it in this game by simply being consistent and showing up and not quitting–even those who were maybe not the most talented to start(and who really is). Stick with it and eventually your talent will catch up to your ambition and drive. I’ve seen it happen.


10-What is NEXT for Dorian Missick?

Jinn will be released later this year. The film Monster, opposite Jeffrey Wright, Jennifer Hudson, and Kelvin Harrison, Jr., which premiered at Sundance this year, is also set to come out at some point soon. The film Brian Banks, opposite Aldis Hodge and Greg Kinnear, is set for release this year, and I begin shooting Paper Friends, opposite Laz Alonso and Sharon Leal, next month.


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Photo Credit: Dorian Missick/Lisa Humphrey






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