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Scales is a urban comedy that focuses on Remy Howard, a well-established maladroit searching for love with the help of his two complicated best friends. Remy Howard(34) has been in relationship witness protection and finally emerged to reclaim his sanity by dating again. Remy never finishes what he starts except his work responsibilities. He’s stuck between his past and present which is an unhealthy relationship with an on-again/off again rehab substance abuser, and an arrogant ex who moves to Atlanta where Remy lives. Central Character, Remy Howard has been in relationship witness protection, and finally emerges to reclaim the balance of relationship sanity. The only problem is, Remy doesn’t quite understand that the one scale that’s off , is his inability to be alone and balance Remy.



Producer, Writer, and actor Patrick Sutton, a multi-hyphenate in his own right brings you the new hit web series, SCALES, a show about three friends who continue to face the struggle of balancing their lives with their careers and relation- ships with those they love. David, Gavin, and Remy are three friends who have been able to find balance with each other because of their friendship and comfort around each oth- er. SCALES is becoming the newest binge-worthy digital series to watch on YouTube. Patrick first began entered into the entertainment arena in 1996, when he was cast in the film A Time to Kill, alongside Sandra Bullock, Samuel L. Jackson, and Matthew McConaughey. Along with his film debut in A Time to Kill, he was also featured in 48 Hours with Dan Rather as well as being featured and interviewed on the Leeza Show, in 1998. Earlier this year, Patrick launched his own production company, iamPLS Productions. SCALES was presented a special screening to 300 guests on June 10, 2018 at The Gathering Spot in Atlanta. The web series was selected for the September 2018 Miami Independent Film Festival, as well as selected as a nominee for the Atlanta Content Creator’s Award. The content is engaging and quick, which each episode average less than 8:00 minutes. Season 1 is six episodes (so the entire season can be viewed in under 42 minutes) Most notably, the digital series SCALES has already received the following accolades: 2018 Miami International Film Festival, New York Aphrodite Film Festival winner, Mindfield New Mexico Film Festival winner (2018) Queen Palm International Film Festival(2018) *Pending nominations: 10th annual Indie Series awards (, 30th GLAAD Me- dia Awards, 46th Daytime Emmys Award (submitted notifications of status will take place in early 2019. International Hollywood Short Film Festival, Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival,Blackbird Film Festival, Hollyweb Festival,9th Annual Charlotte Film and Music Festival.



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