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London’s very own Nate & Jamie are back for another season filled with more comedy than one can handle! For those who don’t know, Nate & Jamie follows the antics of two mischievous young adults named Nate(Samuel Williams) and Jamie(Joshua Samuels). Season one primary focused on Jamie’s rollercoaster relationship with Michelle(Lauren Douglin) and Nate’s inability to NOT get into troubling situations he’d rather avoid—such as his failed attempt to woo over Sam(Abbie Samuel). Written & directed by Kashif Boothe, the first season of Nate & Jamie received major gratification by being featured on publications such as Mad News UK & The British Blacklist and even winning the award of “Favorite Web Series Ensemble” at the 2018 Screen Nation Awards. The success of Nate & Jamie also spawned the web series Imperfect, which followed Michelle who, after her rough break up with Jamie, reconnects with an old flame, as well as Sam being fed up with guys like Nate flirting with her and looking to meet the guy of her dreams.

The first season of Nate & Jamie had many memorable moments that made it even more enjoyable, such as the guys’ disastrous double date in the very first episode where Nate decides to take out a coupon while ordering the food. Yes, Nate took out a coupon to use ON A DATE. But as embarrassing as this was, Nate completely blew the date even more by getting into an argument with the waiter and Jamie having to step in to calm the situation down but it was too late. Another memorable moment is when Jamie was BLATINGLY flirting with another woman and as soon as Michelle comes, he introduces her…as his FRIEND. He corrects himself after Michelle questions why he called her his friend and the situation gets a bit awkward.

Season two of Nate & Jamie, which premieres on October 11th, picks up from the finale where Michelle makes it clear that she’s done with Jamie and Sam & her boyfriend scare Nate off. This season finds Jamie coming to the realization that he’s still in love with ex-girlfriend Vanessa(Jamila Wingett) while Nate deals with dating two girls at the same time. On top of that, Nate struggles to find a new place to live after being kicked out by his mother.

Black Talent TV recently had the pleasure of watching the second season of Nate & Jamie and it was nothing short of enjoyable! Fans/viewers of the first season are NOT going to be disappointed. Although we don’t want to give away any spoilers, one thing you can expect from this new season is for both men to crash a wedding for a SPECIFIC reason. To find out what that reason is, check out season two of Nate & Jamie on October 11th via Kashif Boothe Entertainment. For now, view the season two trailer below.

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