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With most people quarantined due to this current pandemic, they are looking for as many projects to binge watch and one good recommendation is The Retreat. Created by Ashley Denise & Ricki Lynèe, who also stars in the project, The Retreat is a suspenseful web series following the schemes that unfold amongst a group of black women after a damning secret is revealed during an artist retreat. Made by an all black women cast and crew, the web series also features Ivana Noble, Andrea Edgerson, Donna R. Walton, Latresa Baker, Keisha Dutes, Nicholle M. Manners, and many more. The Retreat is the latest project from Nuanse Entertainment, a black women-led and owned production company.

I had the pleasure of watching the first three episodes of The Retreat, via Black Oak TV, and I am so eager to find out what happens next. Throughout all of the episodes, the tone of mystery and suspense is very evident. Both Ashley & Ricki have created such a fantastic project that will always leave you wanting more! Besides the story, the cast are superb. Each scene is filled out crisp acting, as well as great cinematography. Trust me, Black Talent TV fam, The Retreat is WORTH A LOOK.

Check out all of the current episodes of The Retreat by clicking HERE. For now, check out the first episode below.

Photo Credit: Nuanse Entertainment/Black Oak TV

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