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Stage Left Interviews Millennial In Debt Creator

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About the Series

The first season of the Millennial In Debt web series premiered in December of 2017. The series opens with Jordan receiving a phone call from everyone’s least favorite auntie Sallie Mae. From there the series takes us on a slew of online dating gone wrong, terrible job interviews, and even worse roommate searches. With a demand for more of Jordan’s love to hate millennial shenanigans, the show premiered their second season in September 2018. 

Millennial In Debt season 2 kicks it up a notch by shifting the focus off of its main character Jordan, and on to bigger millennial antics. From the return of fan favorite characters, a slew of new faces and story lines, season 2 tackles the difficulties of adulting with a sense of intelligent satirical humor. No topic is left unturned, from credit scores, financial investing, wage garnishments, to social media influencers and Soundcloud rappers. 

Season 2 premieres with Jordan attempting to make her first automobile purchase, where she faces a rude awakening that her finances just aren’t ready, and her credit score is definitely not up to par. From there season 2 takes us on a journey through the lens of one relatable millennial to the next. 

Through humor, Millennial in Debt season 2 not only looks to crack a few jokes, but to spread knowledge on issues often cast off to the side. Watch Jordan and friends attempt adulting every week with new episodes premiering on YouTube every Friday.

Bio For Shakira: As the co founder of Millennial In Debt, Shakira Wallace is a millennial who practices law. She attended Cardozo Law school, and has been practicing law full-time since 2016. Shakira plays Zoe on the Millennial In Debt Web Series, and has added writer to her repertoire this season. She has written the episode: 24/7 A Lesson in Anxiety and Depression that will premiere on Friday November 16th.

Bio For Melissa: Melissa is the co-founder and writer of the Millennial In Debt Web series. She has been teaching full time for the last 9 years in a public high school in New York City. With a BA in English, Melissa also the lead content creator for Millennial In Debt‘s parent brand: Trials N’ Tresses. This season Melissa filmed the episode: Bitcoin & SoundCloud Rapping, and directed 4 out of the 10 episodes.
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