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“In a world that already fears and hates them – what if only Black people had superpowers”

The Black Team enjoyed talking to Kwanza Osajyefo about “Black.” To any creator who is interested in taking their project to the next level this  podcast will teach you how. Kwanza   and his team surpassed their kickstarter goal of 30,000 in three days and raised over 90,000 dollars. Learn how controlling your narrative leads to success. 

Hosted by Diana McCray & Symone Jackson


About Kwanza Osajyefo:

Co-creator and the writer of BLACK – a comic that explores the question: what if only black people had superpowers?
He’s worked at both major comic book publishers starting his career as an intern and working his way up to digital editor. After leaving comics for a time, Kwanza returned to launch DC Comics’ first webcomics imprint and created the blueprints for their digital comics initiative.
BLACK is his first published work and had been optioned for feature film.
You can purchase Black by clicking here

Social Media for handles for Black:  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is @blacksuprpowrs

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