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Mission Bonita” is a new children’s web series that will air free of charge, mid August, on YouTube making quality entertainment for kids both accessible and inclusive.  “Mission Bonita” is from Lisa Lallouz, the creator & author of the popular children’s book series, “Miss Bonita and Friends.”   The series fan base is ages 6-10, addressing the unique needs of the most culturally and racially diverse generation living in a variety of family arrangements where technology and being globally connected is an extension of themselves.  

Mission Bonita is a sketch comedy show set in both the magical world of Miss Bonita and friends and reality- with a zany group of characters and guests -and when their worlds collide the fun and craziness begin – but through it all lessons are learned, and everyone’s heart will be touched. Kids love the star of the show the magical 17-year-old Miss Bonita. The adventure starts when she receives messages in her magical box from kids around the world who need help solving their problem. 

Recurring sketches include: Momo the Game Show Guy and Mood Reporter, Helping Hotline with Lisa and French bull dog Bello, pranks, jokes and infomercials with the evil King and puppy Prince, popular reaction videos with teens Jessie and Philip, Meme the Mystique’s ancient wisdom and weird techniques that actually work if you try! And you can’t have a show without some 70’s funk, unexpected guests, and much more! 

“Mission Bonita” shows kids they have the power to choose and to creatively problem solve in their own life journey. The characters come from mixed cultural and racial backgrounds just like the world we live in.  Hot topics dealt with on the show include -divorce, racism, anger, bullying, loss and grief and self-esteem to name a few.  This interactive show will guide children in a safe and fun environment that they are comfortable in and parents can trust.   “Mission Bonita” episode topics create opportunities for children to deal with their challenges and empowers them to be a positive and active participant in their life and the world at large. 

About Suzanne Coy

Graduate of the National Theatre School, Jamaican born Suzanne Coy, also known as ZAN, is a brilliant, versatile actor—master of over 30 dialects, who always brings something interesting to every part. In addition to her stage work including a couple of comedic one person shows Suzanne has over 60 TV and film credits. You might have caught her on Suits, Degrassi, Hannibal, Ginny&Georgia, Frankie Drake, or online in Talent Drivers, Luba, New in Town, Poison, Mr & Mrs Loving or Doomstown. She was a series lead in KING, Showcase’s trend setting police drama. Nominated for a Canadian Comedy Ensemble Award she was a regular on CTV’s sitcom DAN FOR MAYOR. She had recurring roles in CBC ‘s ‘HEARTLAND’ and Global’s ‘DA KINK IN MY HAIR’. Currently she is releasing a series of sketches and poetry for YouTube.

By the end of July ZAN will be an EEM-CLP She is a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner (EEM). She is completing advanced H’oponopono certification and studying Non-violent communication. She is a sought after acting coach. In fact the current writer/director of the 4 new web episodes for Mission Bonita is Michaela Lallouz, who was given her start in the film industry under Zan’s coaching and mentorship.

An entrepreneur at heart she is currently part of team that is bringing a number products to the global market. She is an ambassador for Activation products and the Health Canada approved SEQEX device that uses Ion Cyclotron Resonance (ICR) and Telsa technology to improve cell health with using all the sound waves. ZAN has always been a master networking and instrumental in closing deals where everyone wins. It’s all part of a vision for filmmakers, corporations and change agents to work together to expand our consciousness and improve the environment.

Founder and CEO of ‘ACT From the HEART Productions’ Suzanne sees the artist as a community catalyst. Her 2 shorts on the great community leader Dr.Omowale Satterwhite from the East Palo Alto ghetto have played locally in California. Suzanne graduated from NCDI’s Professional Development for Community Consultants in 2002 and has since applied her studies in her capacity as Program Manager for at risk youth, literacy and numeracy camps. For the past 20 years ZAN has participated in other community arts programs and thatuse creativity to teach life skills. ZAN feels it is her mission to increase our individual capacity for ridiculousness and if it isn’t by her comic parodies she also certifies people to laugh for no reason! She believes it is time to reclaim the role of the artists, it is time for a new Star System, not based on psychotic egoism but based on the idea that the storyteller is the inspiration for personal and community transformation.

ZAN is currently nominated for a Junction Community award.


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