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The Hand I Was Dealt

The Hand I Was Dealt

At times, life is like playing a game of cards and there’s going to be moments where one must play with the hand been dealt. Coincidentally, an exciting web series loosely show this old saying in an interesting way. Directed by Tra Verdejo & Silk White, The Hand I Was Dealt focuses on “the lives of three couples. Three different couples with one agenda and that’s to make money and live happily ever after. Unfortunately for them things aren’t as easy as they seem and one by one they find out the hard way that everything that glitters isn’t gold, and most promises rarely get kept. A simple mistake from one couple affects all three couples without them even realizing it. In life, there are no do over’s, you get the hand you are dealt, and have to make the best out of it. When the gun smoke clears which couple will be left standing?” Written by Verdejo, The Hand I Was Dealt stars Iyana Stokes, Ejay Eaglen, Sherri Avis, Nelson Irizarry, Latisha Humphrey, and White himself.

Before watching the first episode of The Hand I Was Dealt, I had a feeling this web series will be good because the title was great. However, after watching the first episode, I was floored by the abusive relationship between the first couple, Macho & Missy. Their relationship is very tumultuous as Missy tries to look extra beautiful for Macho and he abuses her for no reason. Zoe & Vanessa, the second couple, have an interesting relationship. Zoe is cheating on Vanessa with other women and she suspects it since she constantly accuses him of it. Despite this, the argument over other women ends after a few minutes when both parties decide to head to the bedroom. June & Winter are the final couple & most positive out of the three. Their relationship seems solid although June is struggling to find a job due to his criminal background and wants to support June.


In the first episode of The Hand I Was Dealt, June tries his hardest to steer far away from the streets to make money and while he was successful, I have a feeling he’s going to eventually give in to provide for June. While Missy vents to Vanessa about her relationship woes with Macho, Vanessa finds evidence about other women she believes is sleeping with Zoe. Check out the first episode of The Hand I Was Dealt below and be sure to view seasons one AND two by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Tra Verdejo


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May 22, 2017

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