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Getting Back with Dave Benson Phillips

Getting Back with Dave Benson Phillips

Getting Back with Dave Benson Phillips is a spoof documentary or mockumentary by writer Andrew River about former British TV presenter Dave Benson Phillips navigating then world of social media, managing a fictional fallen YouTuber, Ryan #Ryano Marten.

Dave Benson Phillips presented a number of British children’s TV shows through the 1990s and 2000s. His most well known show was called ‘Get Your Own Back’ which was a game show involving gunge (slime). Dave was the most prominent black presenter on British children’s TV and adored by a generation of millennials. He attended MCM ComicCon London to preview the webseries ‘Getting Back’ in October, met with a warm response from many people who felt he defined their childhoods.

Unfortunately Dave was one of a number of celebrities targeted by internet trolls in the UK with fake news about his death but he has built up a following with his funny Twitter account and still entertains many who grew up watching him on TV.

This webseries builds positively upon the backdrop of media coverage over Dave in recent years, showing his sense of humour. His fictional alter ego is more of a commanding force in the world of social media, a man of many businesses including a social media influencer management business. The fictional Dave takes on too many projects and cannot provide a solution for Ryan Marten.

Whilst Dave and his rival, Pat Sharp who presented a rival game show during the same era, play themselves, all the other characters are fictional. Vlogger Ryan #Ryano Marten (played by co-director James Podmore) is a failed social media star whose vanity prevents him progressing his career. Maria Benson Phillips, Dave’s wife (played by Mexican actor Ana Torre) does not want to participate in the documentary, mostly only agreeing to appear as a talking head. Darren (played by writer/producer/co-director Andrew River), the gormless work experience boy dreams only of a paid job.

Dave is the centre and anchor of the show and the mockumentary style allows Dave’s larger than life presenting style to come to the fore. New viewers do not need to know anything about Dave’s history as the references that might resonantly more with UK audiences are background decoration. The first two minutes of episode one explain who Dave is and there is even a spoof behind the scenes prequel series “In Production” that also helps set up the world.

Getting Back with Dave Benson Phillips will initially run for five episodes between 10 and 30 minutes each and there is a host of extra material on the YouTube channel and website. It’s big, silly fun introducing the comedy skills of Dave Benson Phillips, in real life the nicest man in showbusiness, potentially to a new wider audience.


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November 19, 2017

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