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Harlot’s Web

Harlot’s Web

Harlot’s Webb is a new web-series drama that focuses on the impact of infidelity on a relationship and a close-knit group of friends. Season one follows the story of Calvin and Erica, a couple that has been through the cycle of infidelity over several years. Calvin’s infidelity causes Erica to begin to question the longevity and stability of their relationship. Erica’s best friends, Amber and Tammy, are very supportive to Erica throughout her relationship drama, however they despise Calvin’s behavior.

Nate Harper, an old acquaintance of Erica, returns to the area after an extended absence and begins catching Erica’s attention. Unbeknownst to Erica, Amber has the same interest in Nate, which she keeps a secret, although Tammy is aware. Calvin’s best friends Damien and Marcus are complicit with his actions; however, Damien grows frustrated with having to cover for Calvin because of his friendship with Erica. Marcus secretly envies Calvin’s romantic encounters.

Calvin creates turmoil in his relationship when more than one of his infidels becomes aggressive and threatens his relationship with Erica. Throughout the first season, all of the characters will evolve and shift in their alliances. All of Calvin’s past transgressions will come to a head by the season’s end and a shocking conclusion will leave viewers wanting to know what’s next. This season’s logline is: Love has its limits, what are yours? This question will ultimately be addressed by the season’s end.

Harlot’s Webb has been renewed for a second season and its cast and crew look forward to providing more content to its growing fanbase.



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March 13, 2018

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