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LOOK WHO’S NEXT: Docket 32357 Season Two

LOOK WHO’S NEXT: Docket 32357 Season Two

After nearly four years, the award winning Docket 32357 is back for a second season that’s sure to keep viewers wanting more after every episode. Directed by Randy Wilkins and written by Eljon Wardally, season two of the critically acclaimed web series changes gears from the original storyline focusing on Valerie, Lois, and the court case in regards to a horrible accident that involved their loved ones. The sophomore season begins where the last one left off and follows a “high profile case” that gives “Alex, a gifted lawyer, the opportunity to ascend to the elite while forcing him to face his haunting past and crumbling future. With his family and loving girlfriend hanging in the balance, Alex must pay the price for redemption.” Season two of Docket 32357 stars Pedro DeLeon, Veracity Butcher, Patrece Williams, Nick Sakai, Jeff Lima, Cynthia Bastidas, Alex Suarez, Illiana Guibert, Nick Ducassi, Joshua Rivera, and Luciana Faulhaber.

As a fan of the first season, I have to admit that I always wondered when the second season would premiere. However, I definitely understand that greatness takes time and the new season of Docket 32357 is WORTH THE WAIT. I’ve had the pleasure to watch a few episodes and so far, I am very pleased. This season is just as good, if not better, than the previous one. Alex is a definitely a complicated character and each new episode peels off a layer for viewers to understand his life. Each new episode understands why he is the way he is to his girlfriend and family. All in all, the top notch acting and intense storyline prove that Docket 32357 is back and better than ever.

To view season two of Docket 32357, watch it via Seed&Spark by clicking HERE. If you want to catch up on season one before the new season, click HERE. For now, check out the teaser below.

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January 30, 2018

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