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About The Web Series:

The web series Oldhead displays the authenticity of the urban cultures throughout the Philadelphia communities. An Oldhead is an authoritative figure in the Philadelphia community who passes down wisdom to the younger generation. We want to give the audience insight on some of the socioeconomic issues inner city youth face such as drugs, violence, and lack of resources. A majority of the youth growing up in urban communities lack male authority figures in their lives. While producing this show, we aim to call back all the male leaders such as coaches, mentors and other authority figures that want to help our young people become productive citizens.

Upcoming Season Summary:

The tragic death of teenage basketball phenom Benji has the neighborhood shaken up. Bumpy, the community Oldhead, is on a mission to provide change for the people in his community. In order to do this, he decides to run for Mayor. Kareem, the neighborhood hustler, is on a mission to take over the drug game in Philadelphia. After an incident at the club, he gets connected with another local drug dealer, Los who has a tight operation in the Kensington section of the city with opioid drugs.

 Still fresh out of jail, LA is forced to go New York to lay low after committing a recent murder. This puts a strain on his relationship with his girlfriend Sonya.  Once in New York, LA meets Sire, New York’s drug Kingpin, and learns the in and outs of the New York City Streets to survive. During that time, he comes closer to solving the mystery of who killed his father. Magic, a smart and talented writer from the Forest Projects, battles with the death of his older brother and his mother’s addiction. He finds his escape through writing and seeks exposure through the city newspaper but finds out the odds aren’t in his favor.



Photos by Earl Stepp and Mike Chism

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @oldheadtheseries
Twitter: @oldheadpdx

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March 20, 2018

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