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The Nobody’s Watching Show

The Nobody’s Watching Show

From the creator of The Corporate Brother & Rebuilding Tyrone Smallwood enters a new sketch comedy web series that recently hit the internet and is ready to make viewers laugh. Created & hosted by Todd Inman and directed by Lionel Anthony Cook, The Nobody’s Watching Show combines standup comedy, comedy sketches, independent music artists, and some social commentary. This Tinman Creative Production stars Biju Abraham, Bobby Benn, Christine Mackeprang, Curtis Lexx, Derrick Redmond, Frank Toner, Hesanne Morgan, Joseph M. Thomas, Paul Oreal, Reggie Williams, Val Uff Jr., and Tatiana Segura.

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Episode one of The Nobody’s Watching Show premiered not too long ago and it is fantastic! I love how Inman started off the show talking about people who text using emoticons and I completely agree that there really should be some dating emoticons. However, I’m not so sure that will  happen since I’ve seen more kids under 13 using emoticons so that will already be deemed inappropriate for them. However, one can dream, right? Besides this, I’m enjoying seeing a lot of the cast members from both The Corporate Brother & Rebuilding Tyrone Smallwood all in one show! They’re all SO funny and amazing in this show!

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This first episode features two sketches—“Raj Sketch” and “Facebook Live”—besides the introduction by Inman titled “News with Tinman.” In “Raj Sketch,” it’s pretty clear that Raj wants to be black…until it’s not convenient. While it’s been reported that many social media users check their Facbook account as soon as they wake up, the “Facebook Live” sketch explores what life would be like if Facebook came to you. Check out the first episode of The Nobody’s Watching Show below and be sure to catch more episodes of this amazing web series by clicking HERE.

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May 22, 2017

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