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Thick Skin

Thick Skin

“Thick Skin” is a drama/action/suspense web series, developed by award winning film director/producer Robinson Vil. The series was originally written as a short film, but later developed into a web series. Written and directed by Robinson Vil, the series focuses on the main character “Olivia” portrayed by (Kiah Alexandria Clingman), as she chronicles traumatic and unimaginable stories in her past during her therapy sessions with “Dr. Gabriel” portrayed by (Miko DeFoor) who is also an Executive Producer on the project, along with his wife (Tina DeFoor).

Throughout her life, “Olivia” has had to learn to figure things out on her own, as her mother “Naomi” portrayed by (Tasia Grant), with whom she has a very tumultuous relationship is not around to guide her through life. Olivia is anti-social and has a hard time getting along with others. She is also very pretty, thereby attracts unwanted attention from all types of men, who inevitably become major factors in the THICKening of her SKIN.

In the Series, “Olivia” refuses to fully open up to her therapist, due to her past experiences with men and only reveals parts of her stories (and the rest is revealed in flashbacks). Things begin to change for the better for Olivia when she meets “Patrick” the Doctor’s 17-year-old son, played by R&B recording artist (Jarvis Shaffer). She slowly begins to open up to him, which puts their new relationship in jeopardy, as some secrets and memories are best left forgotten, talking about them just creates witnesses.

The series features a lot of great veteran and new talents in front and behind the camera. The series is currently on YouTube and our official website. The first season is set to wrap up in March of 2018.




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March 14, 2018

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