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Tough Love

Tough Love

Recently, an interesting project has been making its mark within the web series world and this outstanding project is called Tough Love. Directed by Caleb Davis, Tough Love follows the lives of “Six millennials living in New York City, all have differing ideals and desires when it comes to life and love. The show centers around their dating encounters, the debates they have among each other, and their day-to-day struggles. We also watch as they each secretly meet with a therapist and share their true feelings about different statistics within the dating world.” Written by Roni Simpson, Tough Love stars Jordan Barton, Ebony Obsidian, Bradley Clarke, Verina Banks, Natalie Jacobs, and Devin Coleman.


Quincy(Barton) & Alicia(Obsidian) are known as the “long-term couple” who “have an unbreakable bond and everyone around them agrees they’re soul mates” while Jordan(Banks) is “the heartless single lady” who is both “educated, successful and 100% dedicated to her career”  & “a trash-talking, man-hating 20-something-year-old woman who doesn’t hold her tongue for anyone.” Yikes! Jackson(Clark) is known as “the ruthless bachelor” whose two missions in life are to “work harder than anyone he knows so that he can become a major powerhouse in his industry” & “hook up with almost every woman in New York City.” Do you ever make time to sleep, Jackson?! Last but not least, Monica(Jacobs) & Darius(Coleman) are “the unofficial relationship” that “has major issues, and just when you think they’ve resolved everything, something else occurs.” #NothingButDRAMA


Personally, I relate to this web series in so many ways since I know past and current friends who have the same characteristics as one or more of the main characters. I had two friends who were a couple and while everyone looks at them as the couple that’ll eventually get married and have kids, it didn’t start out that way. I also knew a couple of guy friends who wanted nothing but one night stands and no serious relationships.


In all, Tough Love centers around the number six—six stories, six episodes, six stories, six questions, and six truths. NYC is definitely a tough city to not only live & work in and I’m excited to find out how Tough Love throws “love” in the mix. Check out the first episode of Tough Love below and be sure to watch more episodes by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Tough Love Website/Roni Simpson


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May 22, 2017

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  1. Emileen

    I’ve watched season 1 (e1-5) season 2 yet to watch. Only theres 2 season with 13 episodes yet on YouTube theres season 3… it’s very interesting to watch please have a episodes in order.


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